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This list is not complete. Several titles are missing, If you should have vinyl Queen bootlegs, not listed in this list. Than please e-mail me, and tell me information about it.

Some of this titles has various versions. (Different covers, color vinyl's etc..). You find this information's in the info on each title.
Most of the US bootleg alums have 2 color insert cover, which offend can be found in various color.

This info page is spitted in tree categories.
1.    Original bootleg. First time released vinyl disc. (Some has songs taken from other bootlegs, but no (cloned) vinyl disc copy
2.    Direct re-pressing (cloned) copy of vinyl disc from original bootleg. Orr just a 'pirate' copy of a original vinyl bootleg disc. But, SAME as original vinyl disc.
       Sometime same matrix master used, re-releasing etc...).
3.    'Rip-off' albums.  etc.. 'Overstock' versions etc.... Private made versions out of original albums, using original vinyl disc, or re-pressing.         

Sorry, but I'm not finish with all information, and cover photos. 

1. ORIGINAL vinyl bootlegs  (you may find tracks taken from other vinyl boots, but this disc are NOT re-pressings).

 TITLE FORMAT COMPANY COUNTRY Recording time, date etc.
A - A - A - A
 A Ladder To The Stars 1LP EEC BBC studio session 74 & 77
Absolutely Enthusiastic  2LP  TFKRL 9002 Ger        Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985
Absolutely Rare  2LP  TFKRL 9201 Ger Various studio & live songs
B - B - B - B
 Boston Music Hall 1976 2LP   TBP 028/ 029  EEC  Boston Jan. 76. Various covers
By Appointment Only 1LP Ger Cologne, February 1st. 1979
C - C - C - C
Cardiac Arrest          1LP   HIP 001 UK Tracks collected from other bootlegs etc..
    Chicago Stadium 1978  3LP TBP 072 - 074 EEC Chicago Stadium Dec. 7th. 1978
  Command Performance 1LP   TAKRL 1997 USA Hammersmith Odeon, Dec. 24th. 1975
  Crazy Duck     1LP UK London Dec. 26th. 1979. From television
Crazy Little Things 1 Coda Prod. Europe Buenos Aires. Argentina  Feb. 28th. 1981
  Crazy Tour (Of London)       2LP    26Q Japan Hammersmith Odeon, Dec. 26th. 1979 
  Cry Of A Screaming Pain That Born From Sorrow       1LP    TFKRL 9102 EEC
D - D - D - D
  A Day In Munich 1986       2LP    QMU EEC Munich, Germany June 1986
  Dear Friend Goodbye            1LP  TFMML 001 EEC New York, USA, May 1974
  Death On Two Legs 1LP    Roxborough EEC  The Summit, Huston TX Dec. 11th. '77 
  Done Under Pressure   2LP   Trap rec. EEC Germany June 21st. 1986. FM
  Don't Stop Us Live        1LP   QU EEC
  Duck Soup 1LP  SLA 000 USA Seattle Arena, USA  March 13th. 1977
  Dynasty     3LP     Monarch rec Italy Stuttgart, Germany  Sept. 1984
E - E - E - E
  Elisabeth II 1LP Italy Milan, Italy  Sept. 1984
  En Viva Puebla 17 Octubre 1981     1LP Mexico ? Puebla, Mexico  Oct. 1981
  Everytime Everywhere 1LP  LV 106 EEC  PIC DISC 
F - F - F - F
  Fairy Tales Of Yesterday 1LP     TFKRL 9203 Ger
  Falklands Are Rocking, The 1LP   ST-Q 231082 Ger Buenos Aires, Feb. 28th. 1981
  Falklands II, The Sequel 1LP Ger
  Flash Alive 2LP    Q 80128 Japan Wembley Arena, Dec. 8th. 1980
  Freddie's Boys At The Beeb 1LP  JOK 4  Bulsara rec. 001 UK BBC session July 1973 & Oct. 1977
  Freddie's Last Journey 2LP  PAN 648-09 EEC Montreal 1981, from officially video
  Free In The Park  (original insert version) 1LP  ZAP 7960  MARC Japan Hyde Park, London. Sept 18th. '76
G - G - G - G
  Ga Ga 2LP  ETS 2563/64 Japan Birmingham, UK  Sept. 1st. 1984
  Get Down 2LP  140 RC Italy Osaka, Japan  1982
Gloria In The Highest 1LP  Hangman rec. EEC
Gloria (mythology from 'Rhye' 2) 1LP   Japan METAL ACETATE (no live tracks)
  Goodbye 2LP (Never End 11.21) Italy
  Grugahalle, Essen Germany 2LP  TBP   Europe Grugahall, Essen, Germany  Nov. 29th. 1980
H - H - H - H
  Halfpence 1LP (EEN 98) UK Hammersmith, London Dec. 24th. 1975
Happy And Glorious 1LP Coda Prod. Europe Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985
  Her Majesty's Secret Service 2LP (TFKRL 9001) Germany  Various dates. Box-set.
  Hot Space Tour '82 3LP (ETS 2511/12/13) Japan Japan 1982, fake info being LA, USA '82
I - I - I - I
  I Want To Break Free 1LP (ON PD 223) EEC picture disc
  News Of The World In Concert 1LP Coda EEC Green vinyl
  In Nuch 10" (MS 1001) Italy
  In Nuch 1LP (LP/MS 1001) Italy picture disc
  In The Mirror (The Lost BBC  Sessions) 2LP VOX PUPULI Europe BBC sessions 73-77
   In The Mirror Again 1LP VOX PUPULI Europe Golders Green Hippodrome, London  Sept. 13th. 1973  soundboard rec.
  Invite You To A Night At The Budokan 1LP  MARC-TQ 76059 Japan
  Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse 2LP  Stoned 5 Sweden Denmark 1977  audience recording.
  Japan '85  'Highlights' 1LP  VV LP 015 EEC Wembley 86, from officially records.
  Keep Yourself Alive 1LP EEC
  Killers 1LP  Flashback 130 EEC
Killer Queens 1LP Coda Prod. Europe Buenos Aires, Argentina  Feb 28th. 1981
  Kimono My Place Live 1LP  MARC-TQ 75122 Japan Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan  May 1st. 1975
King Freddie 1LP  NRV 003 EEC picture disc
  King's Favourite 2LP  141 RC Italy
  Knebwort Park, Stevenage 1986 3LP   TBP Germany  Lim. edition of 145 numb copies. Color vinyl. 
  Last Concert In Japan 2LP Europe
  Lazing On a Night At The Galileo Opera 1LP (TFKRL 9202) Germany
  Lazing On A Sunday Evening         1LP (MARC-TQ 76042) Japan Japan 1976
Legend 2LP (Never End 12.21) Italy Various
Live - 'A Beautiful Album' 1LP (OG 866) Japan Budokan, April 19th. 1975
  Live Aids 1LP EEC picture disc, various color versions
Live In Budapest 2LP (2Q 92 X) EEC Budapest, July 27th. 1986. From video.
  Live In Budapest 86 2LP  (MGC  21381971) EEC  Budapest, July 27th. 1986. From video. 
  Live In Holland '80         1LP EEC (various titles written on insert's)
  Live In Japan 2LP (S 3004) Japan Sapporo, Oct. 29th. 1982
  Long Life To The Queen 3LP Italy Zurich, April 1982
  Make Me Feel Like A Millionaire 2LP Holland Earls Court, London June 6th. 1977
  Magic At Knebworth 2LP  RSR 250 USA ? Knebworth Park, UK  Aug. 9th. 1986.
Memories Of A Geisha 1LP  EEC Pic Dics    Kobe April 23rd. 1975
 Modern Times Rock'n Roll 2LP Casino Rec. EEC Milwaukee, USA, March 7, 1975.
Moet & Chandon 2LP   TFKRL 9101 Germany
No News Is Good News 1LP  QLS / SLA 0009 USA
  Nothing Really Matters 1LP  Coda   EEC   Buenos Aires 81, White vinyl 
Now We're Here 1LP Coda Prod. Europe Buenos Aires 81, clear vinyl
  Playing The Game 1LP  Coda  EEC   Buenos Aires 81. Clear vinyl 
P.N.W. March 1LP  ODD THREE USA Seattle Arena, USA  March 13th. '77
Queen (Live In Kove) 1LP  LLX 2622 Japan Kobe, Japan  April 23rd. 1975
Queen At Live Aid             1LP  LR 001 Italy picture disc
Queen's Gold             2x10"  LV 114 Italy picture disc
Queen Reigns The World 2LP  Mercury A-D Germany Mannheim, Germany  June 21st. 1986
Queen's Last Stand 1985 2LP  ETS 2583/84 Japan Osaka, Japan  May 15th. 1985
 Radio Ga Ga In Tokyo 1LP  Coda Rec  EEC  Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985 
Rainbow Theatre 1974 1LP  Swingin' Pig Europe Rainbow Theatre Nov. 20th 1974
Rare Live 1LP  QQ EEC From officially video
Remember Freddie 1LP  ON PD 2240 Italy picture disc
Remember Freddie  vol 2 & 3 2LP  ON PD 2249 Italy picture disc
Rock In Rio 1LP  No label Europe Color vinyl. Rio Jan. 85 Video sound.
Rock'n Roll 7 " 7 inch single. Mannheim 86.
 Rock You From Rio 1985  1LP Discos 17723 Chile Rio De Janeiro Jan 1985
Rogues And Scandals 1LP  Aftermath 8 USA Rainbow March 74 & Hammersmith 75  
Royal Wedding 7Inch MJ FM Europe Freddie & Michael demos
Save Me 2LP  KING A-D ? Cologne 1979
  Sartory Saal, Cologne 2LP    TBP  EEC  Cologne 1974 
  Sellection Of Rarities Part One 1LP    Europe  Copy of 'Her Majesty Secret Service' lp 1
Sellection Of Rarities  Part Two 1LP    Europe Copy of 'Her Majesty Secret Service' lp 2
Sheetkeeckers 1LP  TAKRL 1957 USA Rainbow, London March 1974, BBC     
Super Bowl Sun City, Bophuthatswana, Africa 2LP TBP 040/041 EEC Sun City, Bophuthatswana
Tavaszil Szel 2LP  L-109-2 EEC Budapest 1986 (Video sound)
The Game Tour 1981 1LP Coda EEC Buenos Aires 81
The Royal American Tour 1975 1LP  WRMB 307 USA Los Angeles 1975
The Ultimate "Queen" Back Catalogue 1LP  Q 1833 EEC picture disc
Tear It Up  1LP  Coda EEC Tokyo, Japan May 11th. 1985
Tokyo Rampage 1LP  TKRWM 1801 USA Rainbow 74, Hammersmith 75, BBC
  Tokyo - You've Got A Beautiful Smile  1LP   Not On Label  Europe  Yokohama April 30th. 1975
Top Fax Pix And Info 2LP Swingin' Pig Europa Earls Court, London UK  June 6th. 1977  Color vinyl
Ultra Rare Traxs Volume I 1LP Europe 5 first demos, and other early tracks.
Ultra Rare Traxs Volume II 1LP Europe
Ultra Rare Traxs Volume III 1LP Europe
We Will Rock Buenos Aires 1LP   Coda EEC Buenos Aires 81, PURPLE Vinyl
  We Will Rock Rio 1LP   Coda EEC Rio De Janeiro, Brasil Jan. 1985
We Will Rock You  1LP  CU 1277   ?   Vancouver 78 PIC DISC 
   Who Wants To Live Forever 1LP  Stinker EEC Rainbow March 1974, BBC
  Zoom Queen 2LP  LLX 314/15/16/17 Japan Osaka, Afternoon concert 1976


2. 'Direct' re-releasing or direct copy of original bootlegs listed over. ("identical record"  as original) Offend using original matrix plates (re-pressing etc), but new matrix plates are also offend made out.

TITLE   COMPANY    Country   Other info   'MOTHER' vinyl disc
1973/1977 1LP  -no info-  picture disc  Freddie's Boy's At The Beeb
Admission Ticket 1LP   SLA 0007 USA  Duck Soup 
Already Infected 1LP   Germany  White vinyl   Kings Favourite (LP 1) 
Battle Of 1976, The 1LP  IMP 1118 USA  Mercury Poisoning 
Black & White Queen 1LP  EEN 98 EEC various versions  Halfpence
  Crowning Glory 1LP    Flat FW 8218 USA  Lazing On A Sunday Evening 
Geisha Boys 1LP  SLA 0001 USA  Crowning Glory ~ Lazing On A Sunday Evening 
Geisha Boys 1LP  SL 001 EEC  Geisha Boys ~ Crowning Glory... etc..
Get Down (2.nd release) 2LP   140 RC Italy various color vinyl  Get Down (green vinyl) 
Get Down  (3rd re-release) 2LP  -no info- Italy w/diff. cover  Get Down (green vinyl)
Gonna Rock 1LP  QLS 1957 USA  Side 1 of No 'News Is Good News', & Side 2 of
High Voltage 2LP  2S 703 - TAKRL USA  Sheetkeeckers & Command Performance
In Nuch 1LP  Hitland MS 1001   Italy picture disc  
Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse   2LP  QUO 012 Holland  Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse (stoned 5)
  Live At Budokan 1LP  TAKRL 927 USA  Command Performance
  Live At Budokan Hall Tokyo  1LP  TAB 001  EEC    Live At Budokan, Command Performance 
Live At The St. Georges Hall 1974 1LP  TFKRL 9203  Cry Of A Screaming Pain That Born From Sorrow
Live In Kove 1LP   EEC Black & color vinyls Live In Kove (Japanes vinyl)
Made In Haven 2LP  HER prod. EEC  Absolutely Enthusiastic
Mania 1LP  ODD THREE / EGF 1200 USA  P.N.W.
Mercury Poisoning 1LP  IMP 1118 USA  
News Of The 77/78 World Tour 1LP  TFKRL 9202
No More Mananas 1LP   En Viva Puebla 17 Octubre 1981
No News Good News 1LP  KWIN 101
No News Is Good News   1LP  Mercury  Queen Reigns The World  (side 1&2) 
Radio Broadcast 2LP  Mercury A-D EEC  Queen Reigns The World
Rarities 1LP EEC
Rock In Japan 2LP  Flashback 0156 EEC  Absolutely Enthusiastic
Royal Rock US 1LP  TAKRL 927 USA  Command Performance
See What A Fool I've Been 1LP  LLX 2622/23 EEC
Sold Out 1LP  Hangman rec.
Somebody To Love 1LP  SLA 0007 USA  Duck Soup
Songs 2LP   Germany     Kings Favourite
Stunning         1LP  SLA 00006 USA  Kimono My Place Live  (MARC-TQ 75122 )
The Royal American Tour 1LP  TAKRL 1377 USA  The Royal American Tour 1975
Tie Your Mother Down         1LP  KQ 001 EEC  Falklands II - The Sequel  (KQ 001)
We Will Rock You Alive 2LP  KING A-D Italy  Save Me
Welcome Queen 1LP  LLX 2622/23 EEC


3. Other stuff using original record, with self made 'new' insert etc.

Box Of Gimmicks         2LPbox  HER prod.  Absolutely Enthusiastic 
Blaze & Glory        2LPbox   TFKRL 9002  
Tornado In The Far East  vol. 1 1LP  TFKRL 9002  Absolutely Enthusiastic (side 1&2)  
Tornado In The Far East  vol. 2       1LP  TFKRL 9002  Absolutely Enthusiastic (side 3&4)
Crazy Little Thing../ Hammer To Fall    7Inch
Champions    7Inch
Rock'n Roll    7Inch

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