2 LP

Label: Never End Records/ Abraxas  NE 12.21
Country: Italy
Released: 1992
Recorded: Side A & B: Yoyigi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan,  May 11th. 1985.
Side C: Hammersmith Odeon, London,  December 24th. 1975. (BBC radio broadcast), & BBC studio session, August 1977 (w/audience overdubs).  
Side D: Wembley Stadium, London,  July 12th. 1986. Side D,
Sound: Excellent soundboard recording.
Cover: Deluxe color cover.
Comments:  Nice deluxe cover, but that's actually all, since the recording are so well known on other bootlegs. Only for collectors of vinyl bootlegs.
Roots: From other bootlegs or tapes. But all from the same source in the end.
CD released:  Not with this name & cover, but on many other cd's with this recordings.  

Front cover

 Dragon Attack
 Love Of My Life 
 Another One Bites The Dust  
 Hammer To Fall
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love      
 Radio Ga Ga
 I Want To Break Free 
 Jailhouse Rock
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions
 White Queen    
 Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 (London, December 24th. 1975)

 It's Late
 My Melancholy Blues
 Spread Your Wings
 (BBC session 1977, w/aud. overdubs)          
 One Vision
 A Kind Of Magic
 Is This The World We Created...?              
 Who Want To Live Forever
 Friends Will Be Friends
 (Wembley Stadium, July 1986)

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Back cover