1 LP

Label: Cult Legend CL 80949
Country: Netherlands.
Released: 27 March 2020.
Recorded: Live at Esdio Cicero De Pompeu in So Paulo, Brazil, March 20 1981.
Sound: Excellent from radio broadcast.
Cover: Black & white cover. Part of the first concert in So Paulo, Brazil on March 20th. 1981.
This concert was live on national television, and on radio aswell, but I'm not sure it was broadcasted direct live. Anyway, this concert are heavily bootlegged on vinyl, cd & DVD over the years, so this bootleg isn't so interested. Mostly for hard core collectors of vinyl bootlegs. I've seen it priced for 20 US $.
Comments:  1lp with tracks from
Roots: Radio broadcast.

Front cover

 We Will Rock You
 Fat Bottomed Girls
 Somebody To Love
 Save Me
 Now Im Here

 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 Play The Game
 Im In Love With My Car
 Let Me Entertain You
 Need Your Loving Tonight
 Now Im Here ~
 Dragon Attack
 Under Pressure  (Must be a fake. Info later).

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Back cover