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Label: QLS / SLA 0009 
Country: USA
Released: 1978
Recorded: Side 1: BBC session London October 1977, 
Side 2: Seattle Arena., USA  March 13th. 1977. (un-confirmed). 
Sound: Side one, very good soundboard radio broadcast, with audience
overdubs. Side two, good ~ very good audience recording.
Cover: Black and white stripes front and back. The labels are "slipped disc". The cover is actually produced mirror-inverted. The opening is on the left side. So the front / rear cover may need to be replaced.
Comments:  Side 1, is a radio broadcast from the radio show 'King Biscuit Flower Hour'. It's the BBC session '77 tracks with audience overdubs, to sound like a live recording.  (I HATE this things, it's RIP OFF). 
Side 2, is a audience recording. I think it's from Seattle '77 show, but can't confirm this.
There is many re-releasing LP's of this bootleg. Using the same title. Well, close up to original title.  'No News/Good News' etc...
Roots: BBC session with audience overdubs, and audience recorded tape.

Front cover

 Spread Your Wings 
 It's Late
 My Melancholy Blues 
 We Will Rock You  (slow/fast)  
 (BBC session 77 w/audience overdubs)
 Medley: White Man
               The Prophet's Song  (part II)
 Brighton Rock
 (Audience recording)

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Back cover