3 LP

Label: Q BOX 77-1
Country: I guess Europe, but not sure.
Released: May 2020.
Recorded: The Summit, Houston  Texas, USA  December 11th. 1977.
Sound: Excellent pro-sound. From archive video. But not as good as officially live recording.
Cover: Color cover with 2 posters and tour program replica. Really nice production, to be bootleg.
Comments:  3lp from the concert in Houston Texas, USA on December 11th. 1977.
This concert was professional filmed and recorded for the archive. But so far, no officially format has been released from this concert. Some tracks has been used on documentary's, and some songs are used as b-side on singles.
A video has been shown on early Queen fan club conventions.

Limited edition of 300 copies on color vinyl. 150 silver & 150 gold.
Also available as 3 single LP's + inner sleeves (same as box set inners) + posters. Also 300 each 150 blue + 150 olive green.
I have this box set, and it's really a beautiful release. Proper done with posters & inlay on all 3 vinyl disc. Replica of tour program.

Front cover

 Intro: We Will Rock You  (slow version, tape)
 We Will Rock You  (fast)
 Brighton Rock
 Somebody To Love
 Medley: Death On Two Legs
                 Killer Queen
                 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

 (Medley continues)
             I'm In Love With My Car
               Get Down Make Love
               The Millionaire Waltz
               You're My Best Friend
 Love Of My Life

 My Melancholy Blues
 White Man  

The Prophet's Song  (vocal part only)
 Guitar Solo
 Now I'm Here
 Stone Cold Crazy
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Tie Your Mother Down
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions
 Sheer Heart Attack
 Jailhouse Rock
 God Save The Queen......

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Thanks to 'Queen Music Collectibles' on Facebook for the photos.
Box set on silver vinyl. Box set on gold vinyl. 3 single LP on olive green
3 single LP on blue vinyl.

Back cover

Inner cover for the vinyl's.