1 LP

Label: Trade Mark Of Quality (sticker on sleeve, but... well..).
Country: Spain.
Released: February 2020. (Might be January).
Recorded: BBC session 1974 & 1977.
Sound: Very Good ~ Excellent, BBC radio recording.
Cover: Black and white insert sleeve.
Comments:  BBC radio session 1974 & 1977. All 6 BBC session's Queen did, was released officially on 2 cd's & 3lp vinyl discs on November 2016.
This bootleg has the same recording as 'A Leader To The Stars' 1LP vinyl bootleg from around 2013. This vinyl pressing might be a re-pressing with a new cover.

Only for vinyl bootleg collectors, which want it all.
Pressed on green vinyl. Sleeve says limited to 100 copies.
The Reading of 'Siddhartha' by Herman Hesse is just a few second, and often never listed on it's own on other albums. I listed it here, since it's on the sleeve.
Roots: BBC radio broadcast's from the seventies.

Front cover

 Modern Times Rock'n Roll
 White Queen
 Now I'm Here
 Stone Cold Crazy
 Flick Of The Wrist
 Tenement Funster

 Spread Your Wings
 It's Late
 My Melancholy Blues
 We Will Rock You  (slow) ~
 Reading of 'Siddhartha' by Herman Hesse
 We Will Rock You  (fast)

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Back cover