2 LP

Label: Against The Dark Vinyl 
Country: Germany 
Released: 1993 
Recorded: Recorded live at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium on September 21st. 1984.
Sound: Audience recording. 
Cover: Insert cover. 
Comments:   This is a 1993 re-release from the 1985 Italian made "King's Favourite" LP (Record 1 only) , made by a German record dealer who purchased the original acetate used for King's Favourite. The quality is a bit worse. 25 copies were pressed onto white vinyl and put into a box with a cassette tape and a booklet with Queen bootleg information. A really cheap effort.
Roots:  LP 1 of the "King's Favourite" 2lp.

Front cover

 Intro: Machines  (taped)
 Tear It Up
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Under Pressure
 Medley:  Somebody To Love
                Killer Queen
                Seven Seas Of Rhye
                Keep Yourself Alive
 Rock In Europe Blues  (instrumental)
 It's A Hard Life
 Now I'm Here
 Dragon Attack
 Is This The World We Created...?  
 Love Of My Life
 Medley: Stone Cold Crazy
              Great King Rat
               Instrumental Inferno
               Brighton Rock

            Pressed on white vinyl
  Bootleg info folder

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Back cover