2 LP

Label: Round Records 27
Country: Europe.
Released: 21st June 2024.
Recorded: Live at Boston Music Hall, Massachusetts, USA  30th January 1976.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  The second part of this Boston concert, which was excellent audience taped by Dan Lampinski.
Even the cover has printed 'radio broadcast' on the cover, it's an audience recording.
Released for the first time on a 2cd for some years ago. Handful of 2cd/ 2cdr & vinyl has been released over the years. All in all, a nice recording to have, even it's on cd or vinyl.
Sale price pre-order £ 20,83  But other prices are around. (ebay £ 34,28)
Roots: Audience recorded tape by Dan Lampinski.

Front cover.

Back cover.
 Doing All Right  6:34
 Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon  1:26
 Keep Yourself Alive  6:33

 Total side length – 14:33  

 Seven Seas Of Rhye  3:19
 Liar  9:51

 Total side length – 13:10
  SIDE 3
 In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited  4:10
 Now I’m Here  5:06
 Medley: Big Spender  1:30 ~

 Total side length – 10:46
 Medley cont: Jailhouse Rock 3:17 ~
                         Stupid Cupid ~
                         Be-Bop-A-Lula  1:52 ~
                         Jailhouse Rock  1:10
 God Save The Queen  1:18

 Hangman  6:07  
Total side length – 13:44


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