2 LP& Cass tape BOX

Label: Audrey AR 057 & AR 067.
Country: Europe. I guess.
Released: December 2020. Found in on internet that month.
Recorded: Various early tracks. See info behind every track.
Sound: For the most very good & excellent. For the most studio. Ibex is live audience recorded. Wreckage is a cassette tape recording with one microphone.
Cover: Color cover box set.
Comments:  This BOX Vol. 3 contains: AR 057 LP second pressing (blue splatted vinyl), AR 067 LP (first pressing), AR 057 MC + test pressing MC, & AR 067 MC + test pressing MC.
Same vinyl disc's as a handful other box set & fold-out cover release, with similar packing. See below. All tracks available on other bootleg/ pirate records. Queen demos are officially released in  2016 0n 2cd, 3lp "On Air" (Queen Production).
Both vinyl LP's comes with cover in the box, and was first released as single lp's.

I'm not sure how large edition this box are released in. Might just be a handful. Made out to make more money.

Front cover

AR 057    color vinyl LP+ MC + test pressing MC
 Knock On Wood  (1984 - feat. Brian May)
 Purple Haze  (1984 - feat. Brian May)
 I Got You  (The Reaction - feat. Roger Taylor)
 In The Midnight Hour  (The Reaction - feat. Roger Taylor)
 Sunny  (The Opposition - feat. John Deacon)
 Vehicle  (The Opposition - feat. John Deacon)

 Earth  (Smile - feat. Brian May, Roger Taylor)
 Step On Me  (Smile - feat. Brian May, Roger Taylor)
 April Lady  (Smile - feat. Brian May, Roger Taylor)
 Rain  (Ibex - feat. Freddie Mercury, Live 1969)
 Jailhouse Rock  (Ibex - feat. Freddie Mercury, Live 1969)

 Green  (Wreckage - feat. Freddie Mercury, rehearsal 1969)

 AR 067    color vinyl LP+ MC & test pressing MC
 Sweet Wine  (1984 - feat. Brian May 1964~68)
 Just A Little Bit  (1984 - feat. Brian May 1964~68)
 Transit 3  (The Opposition - feat. John Deacon 1965~69)
 Doing Alright  (Smile - feat. Brian May, Roger Taylor 1968~70)
 Blag  (Smile - feat. Brian May, Roger Taylor 1968~70)
 Green   (Wreckage - feat. Freddie Mercury, 1969)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (Queen demo 1971)
 The Night Comes Down  (Queen demo 1971)
 Great King Rat  (Queen demo 1971)


This vinyl disc are paced in various box set, with various cover & titles. Might be more box set etc. than listed here.
Looks like the vinyl disc are pressed several times, and packed in various box set & ordinary cover's.
Box set  2LP AR 057 & 067 , 2MC & 2x7Ince singles. 2LP vinyl. AR 057 & AR 067 3LP BOX AR 057,067 & 071 Box set 2 LP AR 057 & 067.
2LP vinyl AR 057 & 067 Back cover.  Vinyl disc's.   

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Front cover AR 057 

Front cover AR 067