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Discos CNR Chile ‎ 17723   Barcode: 7804650101888
Country: Chile
Released: 2016
Recorded: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  January 1985.
Sound: Excellent pro-recording. From officially released video.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  Vinyl release of the sound from the video or lazer disc (released in Japan).
This show is out on two- three handful of cd's & dvd's and on vinyl aswell.
Another vinyl 1LP is also out. Same title & cover. Only a bit different layout on the back cover.
Some songs has been left over on this vinyl lp, do to space on vinyls.
'Seven Seas of Rhye' is listed after 'We Are The Champions' which is incorrect to the show. Should be after 'Keep Yourself Alive' on side one.
Queen did two show at this Rock In Rio festival in 1985.
Info on cover says recorded on January 12th. the first show, but it might be a mix with the last one aswell.

Front cover

 Intro: Machines  (tape, not listed on cover)
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Keep Yourself Alive
 It's A Hard Life
 Is This The World We Created ?
 Love Of My Life
 Brighton Rock
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 Radio Ga Ga
 I Want To Break Free
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions
 Seven Seas Of Rhye
 God Save The Queen......


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Back cover