Queen live on stage
A Life At The Races  

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 To get details information of tracks played on most of the shows, get the officially Queen archivist  
 Greg Brooks "Queen Live" book.
 This is the 'bible' of Queen on stage. A lot of information is included in this book.
 "Sleeping on a sidewalk" was played between It's Late and Now I'm Here on Nov. 11th. 1977, in Portland Maine.   
 + much more great information.

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NOTE: All bootleg titles listed behind dates, are PROFESSIONAL produced (factory silver cd's). 
All CDR are Pro-CDR produced with offset printed (pressed) cover. NO home made cdr are listed here. Most of the concert are audience recorded.
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Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & Mike Cross  (bass guitar)

 June 27  City Hall, Truro, Cornwall
 July   12   Imperial College, London  
  25  Pj's Club, Truro, Cornwall  

Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & Barry Mitchell (bass guitar)

Aug 23  Imperial College, London  
Sept  4  Swiss Cottage Private School, London  
Oct 16  College of Estate Management, St, Albans Grove,  London W8  
  23  London   
  30  College of Technology, St. Helens, Merseyside  
  31  Cavern Club, Liverpool  
Nov 14  Balls Park Colleges, Hertford, Hertfordshire  
Dec 5  Shoreditch College, Egham, Surry  
  18  College of Technology, St. Helens, Merseyside  
  19  Congregational Church Hall, St Helens, Merseyside  


Jan  8  Marquee Club, London  
   9  Technical College, Ewell, Surrey  

Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & Doug Bogie (bass guitar)

Feb  19  Hornsey Town Hall, London  
  20  Kingston Polytechnic, London  

Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon

July 2  Surry College, Surry  
  11  Imperal College, London  
  17  The Garden, Penzance, Cornwall  
  19  Rugby Club, Hayle, Cornwall  
  24  Young Farmers Club, Wadebridge, Cornwall  
  29  The Garden, Penzance, Cornwall  
  31  City Hall, Truro, Cornwall  
Aug 2  Rugby Club, Hayle, Cornwall  
  9  Driftwood Spars, St Agnes, Cornwall  
  12  Tregye Hotel, Truro, Cornwall  
  14  NCO's Mess, RAF Culdrose, Truro, Cornwall   
  17  City Hall, Truro, Cornwall  
  21  Carnon Downs Festival, Tregye, Cornwall  
Oct 6  Imperal College, London  
Dec 9  Swimming Baths, Epsom, Surry  
  31  Rugby Club, Twickenham, London  

In this autumn Queen got 'free time' between other band sessions, at 'De Lane Lea' studio in London. Here they manage to recorded 5 'known' DEMOS, to use for them to try to get a contract.
This 5 demos are available on the CD bootleg: "In The Beginning". Later made available on a handful other professional bootlegs.
In 2011 these 5 tracks was released officially on cd, as disc 2 on the re-master release of Queen's first album (1973) with the title QUEEN. The hole Queen studio catalogue was re-released with bonus cd's.


Jan 28  Bedford College, London  
March 10  King's College Hospital, London  
   24  Forest Hill Hospital, London  
Nov  6  The Pheasanty Club, London  
Dec 20  The Marquee Club, London There is claimed that Queen production has a live recording of this show in their archives.. I can't confirm this. Might be a audience recording tape. Interested anyway.


Feb  5  Langham 1 studio, London Queen recorded their first BBC session. Released first time on officially 1LP/cd "Queen At The Beeb", on 'Band of Joy' label. 
Also on the 2cd bootleg "Complete BBC session" (Q A 002) Japanese boot. 
April  9  Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London  
July  13  Queen Mary College, Basingstoke, Hampshire   
  25   Langham 1 studio, London Queen recorded their second session for the BBC.
On bootleg: First released on "Freddie's Boys At The Beeb" inc. this session on side A. Best bootleg: "Complete BBC Session" (Q archive) Japanese 2cd.
Sep 13  Golders Green Hippodrome, London This show was recorded by BBC. First available on the bootleg "Rogues & Scandals" 1LP (Aftermath 8) US boot. Later on many bootlegs. 
Best one is: "Queen Will be Crowned" 1cd. This cd included most complete show so far, inc. 'Jailhouse Rock' medley and 'Big Spender + Bama Mama Lou'. These tracks has never been out before on bootlegs. As far as I know, this bootleg included the complete show.
Oct 13  Underground, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany. Wrong listed as Frankfurt in some lists. THIS is correct information. Got it from people living there. Thanks Gonzalo.
  14  Le Blow Up Club,  Luxembourg This show was planed broadcasted on Radio Luxembourg 'In Concert' special, but the recording equipment failed, and nothing was recorded.
  20  Paris Theatre, London I've read 'Radio One' recorded this show, but since I never have come across any recording in soundboard quality, I don't thing it was ever broadcasted, or even recorded. All recording I have found is audience recorded in more than less bad quality. Bootleg: "Supporting Mott The Hopple" 1cd.
  26  Imperial College, London  
Nov  2  Imperial College, London  

QUEEN start on a 5 weeks UK tour.

Nov 12  Town Hall, Leeds  
  13  St Georges, Blackburn, Lancashire  
  15  Gaumont, Worcester  
  16   University, Lancaster  
  17  Stadium, Liverpool Bootleg: "Pop Spectacular" 2cd. Queen manager Ken Testi audience recorded about 30 min. of the show. He sold a 'private made' cdr at the Queen fan club convention in 2005. So this is how this recording saw daylight. Thanks a lot Mr. Testi. 1st. generation recording.
  18  Victoria Hall, Hanley, Staffordshire  
  19  Civic, Wolverhampton  
  20  New Theatre, Oxford Soundcheck available on the bootleg: "Supporting Mott The Hopple".
  21  Guildhall, Preston, Lancashire  
  22  City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Bootleg: "A Cry Of A Screaming Pain..." 1lp. Side a Queen, b Marillion. Actually, right now I can't confirm this bootleg included this concert. 
  23  Apollo Theatre, Glasgow  
  25  Caley Cinema, Edinburgh  
  26  Opera House, Manchester  
  27  Town Hall, Birmingham On bootleg: "A Night At The Court"2cd (6 tracks), "First Procession" 1cd (6 tracks).
  28  Brangwyn Hall, Swansea  
  29  Colston Hall, Bristol Bootleg: "Procession" 1cd (Gypsy Eye). Complete show, as far as I know.
  30  Winter Gardens, Bournemouth  
Dec  1  Kursaal, Southend, Essex  
   Central, Chatham, Kent  
   3  Langham 1 Studio, London Queen recorded their third BBC session. Broadcasted on the series 'Sound of the Seventies' on radio one. John Peel session. Released  officially on 1LP/1cd "Queen at the Beeb" 1989. Bootleg : "Complete BBC Session" 2cd, released in 2003.
   6  Cheltenham College, Cheltenham  
  7  Shaftesbury Hall, London  
  8  University, Liverpool  
  14  Hammersmith Odeon, London (2 shows)  
  15  University, Leicester  
  21  County Hall, Taunton, Somerset  
  22  Town Hall, Peterborough  
  28  Top Rank, Liverpool  


Jan  28   Queen fly to Melbourne, Australia to performed 2 shows at Sunbury music festival. First visit performance outside Europe. Only one show was done. (As far as I know).
Feb   2  Sunbury Music Festival, Melbourne  

QUEEN II tour started in England.

March  1  Winter Gardens, Blackpool  
    2  Friars, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire  
   3  Guildhall, Plymouth  
   4  Festival Hall, Paignton, Devon  
   8  Locarno, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear  
   9  Corn Exchange, Cambridge  
  10  Greyhound, Croydon  
  12  Roundhouse, Dagenham  
  14  Town Hall, Cheltenham  
  15  University, Glasgow  
  16  University, Stirling  
  19  Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes, Humberside  
  20   University, Manchester  
  22  Civic Center, Canvey Island, Essex  
  23  Links Pavillion, Cromer, Norfolk  
  24  Woods Leisure Center, Colchester  
  26  Palace Lido, Douglas  
  28  University, Aberystwyth  
  29  The Gardens, Penzance  
  30  Century Ballroom, Taunton  
  31  Rainbow Theatre, London This concert was recorded by the band themself, or rather their management. There was a plan for a live album, but this was cancelled for some reasons. 8 tracks from this live recording have found the way out on the bootleg marked. First on the LP Sheetkeckeers back i February 1975, which might be the VERY FIRST Queen bootleg release. Can't confirm this 100%, but I've been told so from early bootleg collectors. This concert has been listed as a BBC recording, but that's a FAKE.
Bootleg: First Queen bootleg out in February 1975. Title, "Sheetkeckeers" 1LP (TAKRL 1957). Later released on many LP & cd's.
April 2  Barbarella's, Birmingham  
   3   Langham 1 Studio, London Queen recorded their fourth BBC session on this day.. 
: "Complete BBC Session" 2cd except of 'March Of The Black Queen', which sofar isn't on any pro-bootleg yet. Well, there is 'home made' cdr with this track included. Actually, it seams they used the album version on this radio program.

First USA tour, supporting MOTT THE HOOPLE

April  16  Regis College, Denver  
  17  Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Missouri  
  18  Keil Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri  
  19  Fairgrounds, Appliance   
  20  Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee  
  21  St. Bernard Civic Centre, New Orleans, Louisiana Bootleg: "Savage Young Mercury" 1CD.
  26  Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts  
  27  Palace Theatre, Providence, Rhode Island  
  28  Exposition Hall, Portland, Maine Bootleg: "Early Battle" 1cdr (Breakdown)
May   1  Farm Arena, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  
    2  Agricultural Hall, Allentown, Pennsylvania  
  3  King's College, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania  
   4  Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Connecticut  
  7  Uris Theatre, New York Bootleg: "Dear Friends Goodbye" 1lp.
   8  Uris Theatre, New York  
   Uris Theatre, New York  
  10  Uris Theatre, New York  
   11  Uris Theatre, New York  
  12  Uris Theatre, New York  
Oct 11   Release of single 'Killer Queen/ Flick Of The Wrist' in UK. It's the first single from "Sheer Heart Attack", Queen's 3rd. album.
  16  Maida Vale 4 Studio, London Queen recorded their 5th. BBC session. Broadcasted on November 4, 1974, on the Bob Harris show.  
: "Complete BBC Session" 2CD.


Oct 30  Palace, Manchester  
  31  Victoria Hall, Hanley, Staffordshire  
Nov  1  Liverpool Empire, Liverpool  
   2  University, Leeds  
   3   Theatre, Coventry  
    5  City Hall, Sheffield  
  6  St George's Hall, Bradford Bootleg: "Fairy Tales of Yesterday" 1LP
  7  City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne  
   8  Apollo Theatre, Glasgow Release of "Sheer Heart Attack" album in UK, and four days later in USA.
    9  University, Lancaster  
  10  Guildhall, Preston  
   12   Colston Hall, Bristol  
  13   Winter Gardens, Bournemouth  
  14  Gaumont, Southampton  
  15  Brangwyn Hall, Swansea  
  16  Town Hall, Birmingham  
  18  New Theatre, Oxford  
  19  Rainbow Theatre, London  
  20  Rainbow Theatre, London Queen recorded and professionally filmed the last show. The sound recording was consider for release as Queen's first live album, but the project was cancelled. (Unsure why). This show is officially available on VHS video "Live at the Rainbow". The video is included in a television shop box from 1992.
Bootleg: A lot of various CD titles are out of the sound from the video, "As It Began", "A Night At The Rainbow" etc... DVD is also released.

"Sheer Heart Attack" EUROPE TOUR

Nov  23  Gothenburg, Sweden  
   25  Helsinki Kulttuuritale, Helsinki, Finland I've read that this show was recorded by a local radio station, for a later broadcast. But, I can't confirm this is true. I find it strange. There have never ever been any recording of this show around in collectors circles, so I think this is just fake info.
Dec 1  140 Theatre, Brussels, Belgium  
   Munich, Germany  
  4  Frankfurt, Germany  
  5  Hamburg, Germany  
  6  Cologne, Germany Bootleg: "In Concert" 2cd (Gypsy Eye) Complete show. 
   7  Siegen, Germany  
   8  Congress Gebouw, The Hague, Holland  
  10  Barcelona (Final show of the tour), Spain  


 "Sheer Heart Attack" North American & Canada Tour 1975

Jan   31   The band fly to New York to spend seven days rehearsing at the Boston Theatre, before commencing the 38 show, 30 venue American Tour. Support band: Kansas, some date featured Styx as support, instead of Kansas.
Feb  5   Agora, Columbus, Ohio  
  7  Palace Theatre, Dayton, Ohio  
   8   Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio  Two shows was done on this date/ place.
  9  Morris Civic Auditorium, South Bend, Indiana  
  10  Ford Auditorium, Detroit, Michigan  
  11  Student Union Auditorium, Toledo, Ohio  
  14  Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Connecticut  
  15  Orpheum Theatre, Boston Two shows was done on this date/ place.
  16  Avery Fisher Hall, New York Two shows was done on this date/ place.
  17  War Memorial, Trenton, New Jersey  
  19  Lewiston, New York  
  21  Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey  
  22   Farm Arena, Harrisburg, Pennsylvenia.  
  23  Erlinger Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Two shows was done at this place.
  24  Kennedy Centre, Washington, Pennsylvania  
March  5  Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium, La Crosse, Wisconsin  
  6  Madison, Wisconsin  
  7  Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bootleg: "In The Lap Of The Queen" 1cd (Gypsy Eye 257)
  8  Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois  
  9  Keil Auditorium, St Louise, Missouri  
  10  Coliseum, Fort Wayne, Indiana  
  12  Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia  
  13  Civic Auditorium, Charleston, South Carolina  
  15  Marina, Miami, Florida  
  18  St Bernard Civic Auditorium, New Orleans, Louisiana  
  20  Municipal Hall, San Antonio, Texas  
  23  McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas, Texas  
  25  Municipal Theatre, Tulsa, Oklahoma  
  29 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles Two shows was done at this place. Bootleg: First time out on 1LP "Royal American Tour" (WRMB 307)
  30  Winterland, San Francisco, California  
April   2  Kindmens Fieldhouse, Edmonton, Alberto, Canada This was Queen's first concert in Canada. Supported by Kansas.
  3  Calgary, Alberto, Canada  
  6  Seattle, Washington  

JAPANESE 1975 TOUR First tour in Japan

April  18   The band arrive in Tokyo to begin their first tour of Japan. 3000 screaming fans have gathered to welcome them at the airport. Such things has never happen to them before.
  19  Budokan Hall, Tokyo Bootleg: Part of the concert released on 1LP "Queen Live - A beautiful album". Now also on cd.
  22  Aichi Taiikukan, Nagoya  
   23  Nokusai Taikan, Kobe Bootleg: Part of the concert released on 1LP "QUEEN" (LLX 2322). Also later on cd.
  25  Kyden Taiikukan, Fukuoka   
  28  Taiikukan, Okayamo  
   29  Yamaha Tsumagoi Hall, Shizuoka Bootleg: "Seven Seas Of Tsumagio" 2cd, and "Live In Shizuoka" 2cd.
  30  Bunkan Taiikukan, Yokohama  
May 1  Budokan Hall, Tokyo I've read this show was filmed, but I can't confirm this. Might just only be a part of it.
: First bootleg was "Invite You To A Night At The Budokan Hall" 1LP, copied by US label SLA, released  "Stunning" 1LP. Now released as "First Live Attack" 2CD by Japanese label private master in complete show. In Aug. 2007 Japanese label "Tarantura" released a new source of this show on a 2cd called 'Young Nobles Of Rock'. This has the best sound of all the boots from this show.

 August Queen work on A NIGHT AT THE OPERA album

"A Night At The Opera" UK tour.

Nov  14  Empire, Liverpool  
  15  Empire, Liverpool  
  16  Coventry Theatre, Coventry  
  17  Colston Hall, Bristol  
  18  Colston Hall, Bristol  
  19  Capitol, Cardiff  
  21  Odeon, Taunton  
  23   Winter Gardens, Bournemouth   
  24  Gaumont, Southampton  
  26  Free Trade Hall, Manchester (two shows) Bootleg: 
  29  Hammersmith Odeon, London  
  30  Hammersmith Odeon, London  
Dec 1  Hammersmith Odeon, London  
  2  Hammersmith Odeon, London  
   7  Civic Hall, Wolverhampton  
   8  Guildhall, Preston  
  9  Odeon, Birmingham  
  10  Odeon, Birmingham  
  11  City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne  
  13  Carid Hall, Dundee, Scotland Bootleg: "Doin' Alright Scotland" 2cdr. (Breakdown).
  14  Capitol, Abordoen  
  15  Glasgow Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland  
  16  Glasgow Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland  
  24  Hammersmith Odeon, London A bit shorter show that previously shows on this tour. This concert was filmed & recorded by BBC Broadcasted live on Radio one & Old Grey Whistle Test. 2nd. encore wasn't filmed, the film crew thought the show was over. But, everything was audio tape recorded..
Bootleg: First out on Command Performance 1LP (part of the show). White Queen Night 1cd. Now on many cd & DVD bootlegs.
QUEEN Production has officially released this concert on cd, dvd & blu-ray. The cd has the un-filmed encore included.
  27   "A Night At The Opera" reaches No. 1 at the British album chart.


A Night At The Opera USA tour

Jan    20   Queen fly to New York for rehearsals for the tour.
  27  Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Connecticut  
  29  Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts  
  30   Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts Bootleg: Boston Rhapsody 2cdr. (Breakdown).
  31  Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
Feb 1  Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
   5  Beacon Theatre, New York  
  6  Beacon Theatre, New York  
  7  Beacon Theatre, New York  
  8  Beacon Theatre, New York  
  11  Maconic Temple, Detroit, Michigan  
  12  Maconic Temple, Detroit, Michigan  
  13  Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio  
  14  Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio  
  15  Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio  
  18  Civic Senter, Saginaw, Michigan  
  19  Veterans' Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio  
   20  Syrian Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
  22  Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Illinois  
  23  Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Illinois  
  26  Koll Auditorium, St Louis, Missouri  
  27  Convention Centre, Indianapolis, Indiana  
  28  Dane County, Coliseum, Wisconsin  
  29  Fort Wayne Coliseum, Indiana State  
March  2  Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bootleg: Hangman In Milwaukee 2cdr (Uxbridge)
  3  St Pauls Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota  
  7  Berkeley Community Hall, Berkeley  
  9  Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, LA, CA  (2 shows)
  10  Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, LA, CA  
  11  Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, LA, CA  
  12  Sports Arena, San Diego, California  

A Night At The Opera Japanese tour

March  22  Budokan Hall, Tokyo  
  23  Aichi Ken Gymnasium, Nagoya  
  24  Kosei Kaikan, Himeji City  
  26  Kyden Gymnasium, Fukuoka (2 shows)  
  29  Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, Osaka (2 shows) Bootleg: First out was the ultra rare 2LP "ZOOM QUEEN" from the afternoon show. Now on 2cd "Operatic Afternoon" (Wardour).  Evening show was first time out on the 2CD "ZOOM". Same title, but it's from the 2nd. show that day. More info later.
  31  Budokan Hall, Tokyo Bootleg: Part of show on "Invite You To A Night..Budokan" 1LP & 1cd. Also out on a 2CD called: "Operatic Ecstasy" (Wardour)
April  1  Budokan Hall, Tokyo Bootleg: Part of show on "Invite You To A Night..Budokan" 1LP & 1 cd.
  2  Miyagi Kan Sports Centre, Sendai  
  4  Nichidai Kodo, Tokyo  

A Night At The Opera Australia tour

April   11  Entertainments Centre, Perth  
  14  Apollo Stadium, Adelaide Bootleg: No known, fake info on "He Made Is On His Own" + others cd's inc. 3 tracks telling from this day. That's a fake, those 3 tracks are from Rainbow, London Nov. 20th. 1974.
  15  Apollo Stadium, Adelaide  
  17  Hardon Pavillion, Sydney  
  18  Hardon Pavillion, Sydney  
  19  Festival Hall, Melbourne  
  20  Festival Hall, Melbourne  
  22  Festival Hall, Brisbane  

UK Festival 1976

Sept  1  Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh  
   2  Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh  
  10  Cardiff Castle, Cardiff  
  18  Hyde Park, London This concert was filmed in full, but the only know video copy is that which has been shown at Queen fan club convention. First shown in 1988. Copies of full show are around on bootleg video & DVD's, but not best technical quality. Only of interest for mania fans.
Bootleg: First out on 1LP "Free In The Park". Full show released in 2001 on Japanese 1cd "Hyde Park". Now also on DVD bootlegs. Info later.

Autum 1976 work on "A Day At The Races.
Dec     10     Queen released "A Day At The Races" album.


USA "A Day At The Races" tour 1977. Support band was Thin Lizzy or Cheap Trick.

January 1977 Queen fly to Boston for rehearsals before commencing a two month tour of North America.

Jan   13  Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
  14  Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin  
  15  Columbus Gardens, Columbus, Indiana  
  16  Convention Centre, Indianapolis, Indiana  
  18  Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan  
  20  Civic Center, Saginaw, Michigan  
  21  Elliot Hall Of Music, Louisville, Kentucky  
  22  Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan  
  23  Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio Bootleg: "A Day At The Coliseum" 2cdr (Breakdown)
  25  Central Canadian Exhibition, Ottawa, Ontario  
  26  The Forum, Montreal, Quebec  
  28  Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois  
  29  Mars Arena, Dayton, Ohia (cancelled)  
  30  St. John's Arena, Toledo, Ohio  
Feb  Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
  3  Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusetts  
4  College Park, University Of Maryland, Maryland 
  5  Madison Sqare Garden, New York Bootleg: MSG First Show (2cdr) (Breakdown)
  6  Nassau Coliseum, Nassau, The Bahamas  
  8  War Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse, New York  
  9  Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts  
  10  Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island  
  11  Civic Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
  19  Sport auditorium, Miami, Florida  
  20  Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida  
  21  Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia  
  22  Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama  
  24  Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri  
  25  Lloyd Noble Center, Norman, Oklahoma  
  26  Moody Coliseum, Dallas, Texas  
  27  Sam Houston, Houston, Texas  
March  1  Phoenix Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona  
  3  Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California  
  4  Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California  
  13  Seattle Arena, Seattle, Washington Bootleg: First out on "Duck Soup" 1LP, another 1LP is "PNW", which inc. different tracks.  Many bootleg lp & cd's are released from this concert.
  16  Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, Alberto  
  17  Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, Alberto  
  18  Northland Arena, Edmonton, Alberta  

"A Day At The Races" European tour 1977

May   8  Ice Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden Bootleg: "White Night At The Races" 2cdr (Breakdown)
   10  Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden  
  12  Broendby Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark Bootleg: "Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse" 2LP (Stoned 5). Also on 2cd. 
  13  Congress centrum, Hamburg, Germany  
  14  Jahrhundert hall, Frankfurt, Germany  
  16  Phillipshall, Dusseldorf, Germany  
  17  Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam, Holland Bootleg: "A Day At Ahoy Hall" 2cdr (Breakdown)
  19  Sportshall, Basle  
  20   The band flew back home to England.
  23  Hippodrome, Bristol Bootleg: "A Day At The Bristol" 2cdr (Breakdown)
  24  Hippodrome, Bristol  
   26  Gaumont, Southampton  
   27  Gaumont, Southampton  
  29  Bingley Hall, Stafford  
  30  Apollo, Glasgow Bootleg: "A Day At The Apollo" 2cd (Gypsy Eye)
  31  Apollo, Glasgow  
June  2  Empire Theatre, Liverpool  
   3  Empire Theatre, Liverpool  
  6  Earls Court, London Bootleg: "A Night At The Court" 2cd, "The Prophet's Queen" 2cd more complete. "Make Me Feel Like A Millionaire" 2lp.  I've been told the encore is from June 7th.
   7  Earls Court, London Bootleg: "A Night At The Court" 2cd, "The Prophet's Queen" 2cd more complete. "Make Me Feel Like A Millionaire" 2lp.  I've been told the encore is from June 7th.
Oct  6  New London Theatre, London Bootleg: "Champions Shoot" 1cd (Wardour), with 'live' set. I guess complete, but not 100% sure about this.
For the purposes of promoting the new single 'We Are The Champions', five thousand British fan club members are invited to attend the filming of the video. At only four days notice though many received their invitation too late, and are unable to get to London in time. The band performed a impromptu performance to thanks the fans.
  28  Maida Vale Studio, London Queen recorded their final session for the BBC.
Bootleg: Many available bootlegs of this session. First bootleg was "Freddie's Boys At The Beeb" 1LP.

"News Of The World" USA tour 1977

Nov   11  Comberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine  The band played 'Sleeping On A Sidewalk' this night, but dropped it from the set, because it didn't work as well as expected.
12   Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusets
13  Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusets
15  Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island
16  Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut
18  Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan Bootleg: Detroit 1977 2cdr & Detroit Rock You 2cdr
19  Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan
21  Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
23  The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
24  The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
25  Scope Arena, Norfolk, Virginia
27  Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio
29  Capitol Center, Washington DC
Dec 1  Madison Square Garden, New York Bootleg: "Rocks New York" 4cdr (Trail). CD 1 & 2.
2  Madison Square Garden, New York Bootleg: "Rocks New York" 4cdr (Trail). CD 3 & 4.
4  University Arena, Dayton, Ohio
5  Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
8  The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia
10  Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas
11  The Summit, Huston, Texas Bootleg: "A Night At The Summit" 2CD  (DQA 006). Also on DVD, and other cd's. Info later.
Information I have got, is that the concert on 10 & 11 was filmed. Bob Harris was there with a film crew to cover two show. But, this might not be true.
15  Aladdin Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
16  Sports Arena, San Diego, California
17  County Coliseum, Oakland, California
20  Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California
21  Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California
22  Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California For the final encore, the band's six and a half foot bodyguard takes to the stage dressed as Father Christmas carrying on his back a huge sack from which Freddie emerges. An assortment of people then join the band when Freddie & Brian perform a specially rehearsed acoustic rendion of 'White Christmas'.

Queen fly back to UK on Christmas Eve.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
"News Of The World" European Tour.

April  12  Ice Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden  Bootleg: "Big Disgrace" 2cd (Gypsy Eye)
   13  Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark  Bootleg: "Rock'n Roll Night, Tonight Ok!" 2cd (Gypsy Eye) & "Denmark News" 2cd (Wardour). 
  14  Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany  
  16  Forest National, Brussels, Belgium  
  17  Forest National, Brussels, Belgium  
  19  Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam, Holland  
  20  Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam, Holland  
  21  Forest National, Brussels, Belgium  
  23  Pavillion De Paris, Paris, France  
  24  Pavillion De Paris, Paris, France  
  26  Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany  
  28  Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany Bootleg: "Berlin '78" 2cdr (Trail).
  30  Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland Bootleg: "Zurich News" 2cd (Wardour)
May 2   Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria Bootleg: "Last News" 2cd (Gypsy Eye)
   3  Olympiahalle, Munic, Germany  
   6  Bingley Hall, Stafford, UK  
   7  Bingley Hall, Stafford, UK  
  11  Empire Pool, London, UK  
  12  Empire Pool, London, UK  
  13   Empire Pool, London, UK  

July, Queen work on material for their seventh album "Jazz".
The session are recorded at Mountain Studios, in Switzerland, and Superbear Studios in Southern France. The recording was
finished by October.

North American "Jazz" tour 1978

Oct   28  Convention Senter, Dallas, Texas Bootleg: "The First Jazz" 2cdr (Breakdown 064)
  29  Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee  
  31  Civic Auditorium, New Orleans  
Nov 3  Sportorium, Miami  
  4  Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida  
  6  Capitol Centre, Washington DC  
   7  New Haven Coliseum, Connecticut  
  9  Cobo Arena, Detroit  
  10   Cobo Arena, Detroit  
  11  Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan  
  13  Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts  
  14  Civic Centre, Providence, Rhode Island  
  16  Madison Square Garden, New York  
  17  Madison Square Garden, New York  
  19  Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island, New York   
  20  Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
  22  Nashville Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee  
  23  Checker dome, St Louis, Missouri  
  25  Richfield, Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio  
  26  Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio  
  28  War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York  
  30  Central Canadian Exhibition Centre, Ottawa, Ontario  
Dec 1  The Forum, Montreal, Quebec Canada Bootleg: Live In Montreal 2cd & "Live Achievements" 2cd
   Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Ontario Bootleg: Leather Attack  2cdr (Trail)
  4  Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Ontario  
  6  Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin  
  7  Chicago Stadium, Chicago Bootleg: "The Ultimate Entertainer" 2cd (Wardour)
  8  Kemper Arena, Kansas City  
  12   Seattle Coliseum, Seattle  
  13  Portland Coliseum, Portland, Oregon  
  14  Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver BC, Canada Bootleg: "Right Up Front" 2cdr (Breakdown)
  16  Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California Bootleg: "Dreamers Oakland" 2cdr (Breakdown)
  18  Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California  
  19  Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California  
  20  Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California  

European "Jazz" tour spring 1979.

Jan    17  Ernst Merckhalle, Hamburg, Germany  
  18  Oster Hall, Kiel, Germany  
  20  Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany  
  21  Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany  
  23  Messesportsplace, Hanover, Germany  
  24   Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany Bootleg: "Jazzin' For Deutschland" 2cdr (Breakdown 064)
  26  Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium  
  27  Forest Nationale, Brussels Belgium  
  29  Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam, Holland  
  30  Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam, Holland  
Feb  1  Sportshalle, Cologne, Germany Bootleg: "Save Me" 2LP
  2  Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany  
  4  Hallenstadium, Zurich, Switzerland  
  6  Dom Sportova, Zagreb, Yogoslavia  
  7  Tivoli Halle, Ljubljana, Yogoslavia  
  10  Basketball Halle, Munich, Germany  
  11  Basketball Halle, Munich, Germany  
  13  Sportshalle Boeblingen, Stuttgart, Germany  
  15  Saalandhalle, Saarbrucken, Germany  
  17  Palais De Sport, Lyon, France  
  19  Palacio De Deportef, Barcelona, Spain   
  20  Palacio De Deportef, Barcelona, Spain  
  21  Palacio De Deportef, Barcelona, Spain  
  23  Pabellon Del Real Madrid, Madrid, Spain  
  25  Los Arenas, Poitiers, France  
  27  Pavillion De Paris, Paris, France  
  28  Pavillion De Paris, Paris, France  Bootleg: "Bonsoir Paris" 2cd (Gypsy Eye)
March  1  Pavillion De Paris, Paris, France  

"Jazz" Japanese tour 1979

April  13  Budokan Hall, Tokyo Bootleg: Budokan 1979 First Night 2cd  (Wardour)
  14  Budokan Hall, Tokyo Bootleg: Pride And Joy 4cd + 1dvd (Wardour) cd 1&2 inc. this date.
              Let Us Entertain Japan 2cdr   Budokan 1979 2nd Night 2cd (Wardour)
  19  Festivall Hall, Osaka Bootleg: Zoom 1979 (4cd). Disc 1&2 inc. this date.
  20  Festivall Hall, Osaka Bootleg: Zoom 1979 (4cd). Disc 3&4 inc. this date.
  21  Practica Ethics Commemoration Hall, Kanazawa  Bootleg: Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Rhapsody 2cd.
  23  Budokan Hall, Tokyo Bootleg: Pride And Joy" 4cd + 1dvd (Wardour) cd 3&4 inc. this date.
  24  Budokan Hall, Tokyo  
  25  Budokan Hall, Tokyo Bootleg: Dreamers Ball 2cd. At Budokan 1DVD R + other titles. This concert was professional filmed & recorded.
  27  Central International Display, Kobe  
  28  International Display, Nagoya Bootleg Mr. Fahrenheit 2cd (Wardour)
  30  Kyuden Athletic Association, Fukuoka Bootleg: Memorial Gym 6cdr (Uxbridge) cd 1-4, two different source.
May 1  Kyuden Athletic Association, Fukuoka Bootleg: Memorial Gym 6cdr (Uxbridge) cd 5-6.
  2  Prefectural Athletic Association, Yamaguchi Bootleg: Yamaguchi 1979 2cd (Wardour)
  5  Makomani Ice Arena, Sapporo  
  6  Makomani Ice Arena, Sapporo Bootleg: "Jazz Final" 2cd. (One track from the 5th.)

June 22 Queen release their first live album "Live Killers" 2LP. Recorded at various location on
the European tour between January and March 1979.

Aug   18  Ludwigsparkstadion, Saarsbrucken   

Crazy 'Live Killers' tour of England 1979

Nov  22  Royal Dublin Society Hall, Dublin  
   24  National Exhibition Center, Birmingham  
  26  Apollo Theatre, Manchester  
  27  Apollo Theatre, Manchester  
  30  Apollo Theatre, Glasgow  
Dec   1  Apollo Theatre, Glasgow  
  3  City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne  
  4  City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Bootleg: "Crazy in Newcastle" 2cdr (Breakdown)
  6  Empire Theatre, Liverpool  
   7  Empire Theatre, Liverpool  
   9  Hippodrome, Bristol  
  10  Brigton Center, Brighton  
  11  Brigton Center, Brighton  
  13  Lyceum Ballroom, London  
  14  Rainbow Theatre, London  
  17  Tiffany's, Purley (near London)  
  19  Tottenham Mayfair, London  
  20  Lewisham Odeon, London  
  22  Alexandra Palace, London  
  26  Hammersmith Odeon, London Bootleg: First out "Crazy Tour" 2LP (incomplete). Full show first time on "Complete Kampuchea Concert" 2cd (Gypsy Eye).
This concert was filmed in full. Edit version has been included in the 'Queen Special' television broadcast (1980). Also a video shown at some UK fan club convention are now out on a DVD bootleg called "Live Crazy" 1DVD. The DVD also included 'Queen Special' from television. A 2LP is officially released, but only one track ,"Now I'm Here" from Queen are included on the album.

"The Game" North American tour 1980

June  19   Queen fly to Los Angeles for seven days of rehearsals ahead of the impending American tour.
   30   "The Game" album is released worldwide.
  30  PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia   
July   1  Seattle Coliseum, Seattle  
  2  Portland Coliseum, Portland, Oregon  
  5  Sports Arena, San Diago  
  6  Compton Terrace, Phoenix  
  8  The Forum, Los Angeles  
   The Forum, Los Angeles  
  11  The Forum, Los Angeles  
  12  The Forum, Los Angeles  
  13  Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California  
  14  Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California Bootleg: Look Back In Anger 2cdr (Trail)  Incomplete, some tracks at end is missing.. 
Aug 5  Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee  
  6  Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana  
  8  City Myrlad, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City  
  9  Reunion, Dallas. Texas  
   10  Summit, Houston, Texas  
  12  The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia  
  13  Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Caroline  
  14  Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro  
  16  Civic Senter, Charleston, South Carolina  
  17  Riverton Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio  
  20  Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut Bootleg: Play The Live Games 2cdr (Breakdown)
  22  Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
  23  Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland  
  24  Civic Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
  26  Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island  
  27  Spectrum, Portland, Maine  
  29  The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
  30  CNE Grandstand, Toronto  
Sept  10  Mecca, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bootleg: All Your Love Tonight 1cd, Milwaukee 1980  2cdr (EOW).
  11  Market Square Arena, indianapolis, Indiana  
  13  Civic Senter, Omaha, Nebraska  
  14  St Paul Civic Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota  
  16  Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri  
  17  Checkerdome, St Louise, Missouri  
  19  Horizon, Chicago, Illinois Bootleg: The Fly Swatters 2cd (Gypsy Eye). Full concert. Also I'm In Love With Freddie 1cd 
  20  Joe Louis Arena, Detroit  
  21  Cleveland Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio  
  23  Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Heaven, Connecticut   
  24  Was Memorial, Syracuse, New York  
  26  Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts  
  28  Madison Square Garden, New York  
  29  Madison Square Garden, New York  
  30  Madison Square Garden, New York  
Oct 1  Madison Square Garden, New York  

'The Game' European tour 1980

Nov  20 Queen leave England and head for Zurich for two days rehearsals, before the European tour begins.  
  23   Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland  
  25 Le Bourget La Retonde, Paris, France Bootleg: Hello Paris 2cdr.
  26 Sportshalle, Cologne, Germany  
  27 Groenoordhalle, Leiden, Holland. Bootleg: Live In Holland 1lp. Various inner sleeves with various titles.
  29 Grundhalle, Essen, Germany Bootleg: Flash To The Show 2cdr
  30 Deutschlandhalle, Berlin Bootleg: Berlin Hero 2cdr.
Dec Stadthalle, Bremen  
  5 NEC, Birmingham, UK  
  NEC, Birmingham, UK  
  8 Wembley Arena, London. Bootleg: Flash Alive 2LP. Standing On The Arena"Flash Gordon" film music album released on this day.
  9 Wembley Arena, London Queen played a short version of John Lennon's 'Image' as a tribute.
  10 Wembley Arena, London  
  12 Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium  
  13 Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium  
  14 Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany. Bootleg: Imagine 2CD. For 2nd. time, Queen played 'Imagine' as a tribute to John Lennon.
  16 Hall Rheus, Stasbourg  
  18 Olympiahalle, Munic, Germany  

Japan tour 1981

Feb 8 Queen fly to Japan for 5 concert at Budokan hall in Tokyo.  
  12 Budokan Hall, Tokyo. Bootleg: Battle Theme 4cdr (Trail)
  13 Budokan Hall, Tokyo. Bootleg: Need Your Loving Rock 2cd. Battle Theme 4cdr (Trail)
  16 Budokan Hall, Tokyo. Bootleg: Zoom up 2cd. Prime Jive 4cd (Wardour, complete)
  17 Budokan Hall, Tokyo. Bootleg: Prime Jive 4cd (Wardour)
  18  Budokan Hall, Tokyo Bootleg: Final 2cd (Tarantura) + other titles.

South American tour 1981

Feb 28 Velez Sarfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bootleg: First out was The Falklands Are Rocking 1LP & Falklands II-The SequelFirst Major Rock 2cd
March  1  Velez Sarfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
   4  Estadion Municipal, Mar Del Plata, Argentina  
   6 Alletico Rosario Central, Rosario, Argentina  
   8 Velez Sarfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
  20 Morombi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Bootleg: Let Sao Paulo Entertain You 2cd.
  21 Morombi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil  
Sept 25 Poliedro De Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela  
  26 Poliedro De Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela  
  27 Poliedro De Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela Bootleg: La Grand Finale de una Reina 1 DVD
Oct 9 Estadion Universitano, Monterey, Mexico  
17 Estadion Cuahtermoc, Puebla, Mexico  Bootleg: En Vivo Puebla 17 Octubre 1981 1lp. Nevermore Goodbye Tacos 1cd.
  18 Estadion Cuahtermoc, Puebla, Mexico Bootleg: "Need Your Lovin' Mexico" 2cdr (Breakdown)


Nov 22 The band travel to Canada for rehearsals and last minute preparations for two concerts, which are to be filmed. A officially 90 minute video "We Will Rock You", was made out of these two concerts. Now on DVD & 2CD + Blue Ray DVD.
  24 The Forum, Montreal, Quebec. Canada Bootleg: "Killer In The Forum" 1cd, "Cry Argentina" 2cd. A lot more bootlegs is out.
  25 The Forum, Montreal, Quebec. Canada Bootleg: "Killer In The Forum" 1cd, "Cry Argentina" 2cd. A lot more bootlegs is out.

The "Hot Space" European tour 1982

April   9 Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden  
  10 Icestadium, Stockholm, Sweden. Bootleg: Live Under Pressure 2cdr.
  12 Drammenshallen, Drammen, Norway Bootleg: Live In Norway 2cdr (Breakdown) & Shake That Thing 2cdr (Trail).
  16  Hallenstadion, Zurich,Switzerland.  Bootleg: Long Life To The Queen 3LP
  17 Hallenstadion, Zurich,Switzerland  
  19 Palaise De Sport, Paris, France  
  20 Palaise De Sport, Paris, France  
  22 Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium  
  23 Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium  
  24 Grooenordhalle, Leiden, Holland  
  25 Grooenordhalle, Leiden, Holland  
  28 Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany. Bootleg: If You Don't Wanna Hear It...Fucking Go Home 2cd. "Dominates Germany" 2cdr (Trail).
  29 Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany  
May Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany.  Bootleg: Action This Night 2CD
  3 Palaise de Sport, Paris, France. Bootleg: Play At Paris 2cdr (Breakdown)
  Eilenriedehalle, Hanover, Germany  
  6 Sportshall, Cologne  
  7 Sportshall, Cologne  
  9   Carl Diem Halle, Worzburg  
  10 Sporthalle, Stuttgart, Germany  
  12  Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria. Bootleg: Staying Power and Glory 2CD.
  13 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria  Bootleg: Play At Vienna 2cdr (Breakdown).
  15 Waldbuehne, Berlin, Germany  
  16 Ernst-Mercke Halle, Hamburg, Germany Bootleg: Hamburg 1982 2cdr (Uxbridge)
  18 Eissporthalle, Kassel, Germany Bootleg: Kassel 1982  2cdr  (Uxbridge)
  21 Olympiahalle, Munic, Germany  
UK date of the tour  
May 21  Queen's eleventh studio album "Hot Space" is released in the UK. In USA on the 25th
  29  Elland Road Football Stadium, Leeds.  Bootleg: Live At Leeds 2cdr (Breakdown), Hottest Leeds 2cdr (Uxbridge)
June 1 Ingliston Showground, Edinburgh Bootleg: Complete Edinburgh 1982 4cdr (Uxbridge)
  2 Ingliston Showground, Eidenburgh.  Bootleg: Crazy Space 2cdr (Brekdown)
  Milton Keynes Bowl, Buckinghamshire. BootlegsCommand Performance  1cd. This (full) concert was filmed by Tyne Tees Television in UK. A 70 minutte version was TV broadcasted in January the following year, on 'Tube' program, cannel 4.  In October 2004, this concert was released officially in full on DVD and 2cd.

"Hot Space" North American tour 1982

July 18  Queen fly to Montreal in Canada to embark upon what would prove to be their final tour of North America.
21 Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Bootleg: Flash In Space 2cdr (Breakdown)
23  Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts, USA Bootleg: Action This Night  2cdr (Uxbridge).
24 Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
25 Capitol Center, Washington DC
27 Madison Square Garden, New York
28 Madison Square Garden, New York  Bootleg: "Crazy For Madison" 2cdr (Breakdown)
31 Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 2 Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3 Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5 Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana
6 Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan Bootleg: "Hot America On Fire" 2cdr  (3 last tracks only)
7 Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio
Brendon Burn Coliseum, Meadowlands, New Jersey. BootlegLife Is Real  2CD (Gypsy Eye)
10 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut
13 Poplar Creek, Chcago, Illinois
14 Poplar Creek, Chcago, Illinois
15  Civic Center Arena, St Paul, Minnesota
19  Civic Center, Biloxi, Mississippi
20 Summit, Huston, Texas
21 Reunion, Dallas, Texas
24  The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia
25  Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennesse
27 City Myrlad, Oklahoma
28 Kamper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri
30 McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado
Sept  2 Portland Coliseum, Portland, Oregon
 3 Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, Washington
 6 PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia
 7  Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California BootlegHot America On Fire  2cdr (Breakdown)
10 ASU Arena, Temple, Texas
11 Irving Meadows, Irving, Texas
12 Irving Meadows, Irving, Texas
14 The Inglewood Forum, Forum, Los Angeles, California
15 The Inglewood Forum, Forum, Los Angeles, California

Japan "Hot Space" tour 1982

Oct 19 Kyuden Auditorium, Fukuoka. Bootleg: Hot Space Tour '82 3LP & 3CD + other titles.
  20 Kyuden Auditorium, Fukuoka Bootleg:
  24 Hankyu Nishinomiyakyujo, Osaka.  Bootleg: Get Down 2LP & 2CD, Domo Arigato 2cd.
  26 Kokusai Tenjijo, Nagoya. Bootleg: Action And More Action 2CD. 
  29 Hookaidoritso Sangyo Kyoshinakaijo, Sapporo.  Bootleg: First out on Live In Japan 2LP. Live In Japan 1cd.
Nov  3 Seibu Lions Stadium, Tokyo. Bootleg: "Space Boogie" 2cd (Wardour). This concert was filmed. A 60 minute video & lased disc is released officially in Japan only, title 'Live In Japan' VHS-EMI. Some tracks from the video is included on disc 2, of officially "On Fire" DVD.

February 27 Queen released their twelfth studio album "The Works".

European "The Works" 1984 tour

Aug 24 Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium  
  28 Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds, Dublin, Ireland  
  29  Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds, Dublin, Ireland  
  31 NEC, Birmingham, UK Bootleg: Complete 2 Nights In Birmingham 4cdr (Breakdown)
Sept  1 NEC, Birmingham, UK. Bootleg: Ga Ga 2LP and later 2CD. Complete 2 Nights In Birmingham 4cdr (Breakdown)
   2 NEC, Birmingham, UK. Bootleg: Real Dazzler 2CD.
   4 Wembley Arena, London.  Bootleg: Not Fade Away 2CD. 
   5 Wembley Arena, London  
   7 Wembley Arena, London. Bootleg: Trust In Another 4cdr (Trail) cd 1&2
   8  Wembley Arena, London.  Bootleg: "Trust In Another" 4cdr (Trail) cd 3&4, and "Last Show In The Arena" 2cdr (Breakdown)
  12 Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany  
  14 Sportsplace, Milan, Italy. Bootlegs: "Jewels" 2CD. 
  15 Sportsplace, Milan, Italy.  Bootlegs: "We Will Love You" 2CD. 
  16 Olympic Hall, Munich, Germany  
  18 Omnisports, Paris, France  
  20 Groenoordhalle, Leiden, Holland  
  21 Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium. Bootleg: "Kings Favourite" 2LP. Also on 2CD.
  22 Europhalle, Hanover, Germany  
  24  Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany Bootleg:
  26  Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany  
  27 Hans Martin Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany. Bootleg: "Dynasty" 3LP. Also on 3 CD. 
  29 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria.  Bootleg: "Great Queen In Vienna " 2CD.
  30 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria  

South Africa tour 1984

Oct   5 Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana  
  10 Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana  
  13  Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana  
  14 Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana  
  18 Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana  
  19 Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana Bootleg: Sun City 1cdrComplete Sun City 2cd
  20 Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana (canceled ?)  


Jan  11 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Bootleg: "Pearly Queen" 1cd, "Regina De Ipanema" 1cd, + other titles. 
  18 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Bootleg: "Pearly Queen" 1cd, "Regina De Ipanema" 1cd, + other titles.

Australia & New Zealand tour

April     5 Queen fly to New Zealand for their very first show there.  
  13  Mount Smart Stadium, Aucland, New Zealand  
  16 Sports & Entertainment Center, Melbourne, Australia  
  17  Sports & Entertainment Center, Melbourne, Australia  
  19  Sports & Entertainment Center, Melbourne, Australia. Bootleg: "Melborne 1985" 2CD.
  20 Sports & Entertainment Center, Melbourne, Australia  
  25 Entertainments Center, Sydney  
  26 Entertainments Center, Sydney  
  28  Entertainments Center, Sydney  
  29 Entertainments Center, Sydney  

Japan tour 1985

May  8 Budokan Hall, Tokyo.  Bootleg Final Bodokan Nights  3cdr (Uxbridge) cd 1 from this date. "Budokan 1985 - Forst Night" 2cdr
 9 Budokan Hall, Tokyo. Bootleg: "At Last Bodokan" 4cd, Final Bodokan Nights  3cdr (Uxbridge) cd 2&3.
11 Yoyigi Olympic Pool, Tokyo. Bootleg: "Absolutely Enthusiastic" 2LP. + Many bootlegs titles (vinyl, Cd's & DVD's) is released from this show. PRO-filmed and released officially in Japan on lased disc & DVD. 
13 Aichi Auditorium, Nagoya Bootleg: "Definitive Nagoya 1985" 2cd
15 Jo Hall, Osaka. Bootleg: "Last Stand" 2LP, later on 2cd+ other titles. 
17 Queen fly back home

July       13     Wembely Stadium, London 'LIVE AID'. Bootleg: "He Made It On His Own" 1cd. Now officially released as part in a DVD.

1986 "A Kind Of Magic" tour

June       2     "A Kind Of Magic" studio album released in UK
              7     Råsunda Fotball Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden. Bootleg: "Magic In Stockholm" 2cd
            11     Groenoordhalle, Leiden, Holland  Bootleg: Two Magic Nights 4cdr  cd 1 & 2
            12     Groenoordhalle, Leiden, Holland  Bootleg: Two Magic Nights 4cdr  cd 3 & 4
            14     Hippodrome De Vincennes, Paris, France. Bootleg: "Spectacular" 2cd+dvdr (Wardour)
            17     Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium
            19     Groenoordhalle, Leiden, Holland
            21     Maimarktgelande, Mannheim, Germany. Bootleg: "Queen Reigns The World" 2LP, "Done Under Pressure" 2cd.
            26     Waldbuene, Berlin, Germany. Bootleg: "Immigrant Magic" 2cd.
            28     Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany. Bootleg: "A Day In Munich" 2LP.
            29     Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
July        1     Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
              2     Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
              5     Slane Castle, Dublin, Ireland. Bootleg: Irish Magic Castle 2cdr/ 1dvdr
              9     St James Park, Newcastle, UK. Bootleg: "One Sweet Moment" 2cd & 1dvd (Wardour)
            11     Wembley Stadium, London, UK. Bootleg: "A Day At The Stadium" 1cd.
            12     Wembley Stadium, London, UK. Bootleg: As over. Also full show officially released on 2LP/CD and DVD.
            16     Main Road, Manchester. Bootleg: "Trick Master" 4cdr& 1dvdr (Trail)
            19     Muengersdorfer Stadion, Cologne
            21     Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria. Bootleg: "Two Magic Night's" 3cdr (Breakdown)
            22     Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria. Bootleg: "Two Magic Night's" 3cdr (Breakdown)
            27     Nepstadion, Budapest, Hungary. Bootleg: "Tavaszi Szel..." 2cd. This concert was also filmed in full.
                     A 90 minute video & laser disc "Live In Budapest" is released.
            30     Amphitheatre, Frejus, France
Aug        1     Monumental Plaza De Toros, Barcelona
              3     Rayo Vallecano, Madrid. Bootleg: "En Concierto" 2cdr (Breakdown)
              5     Estadio Municipal, Marbella
              9     Knebwort Park, Stevenage, England. Bootleg: "Magic At Knebwort" 2LP, "Electric Magic" 2cd.

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