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 Info on ZOOM 2lp


QAL did shows in North America in the summer of 2019.
And they will do shows in Korea, Japan & Oceana in 2020.

Also European dates will following in 2020.

 QAL Live concert list.

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Check out QUEENONLINE for the latest officially news on the Queen front.

QUEEN + Adam Lambert released officially in JAPAN ONLY on Dec. 20th. 2016, a special limited edition multi-format release
from the concert at Marine Stadium, Chiba; Japan 17th August 2014.

Release formats:

DVD /Blu-ray / DVD+Live CD / Blu-ray+Live CD / DVD or Blu-ray, Live CD +T-shirt / Super Deluxe Box set (including DVD or Blu-ray, Live CD, 2LP, T-shirt, Tote Bag+Photo Book)

The Japanese label Masterworks has released 2 bootlegs, QUEEN & QUEEN II.  Both 2cd and 1 DVD.
They included the officially album tracks + some remix, demos etc.
DVD included videos, some unofficially. I don't have these Masterwork bootlegs, so I only know the sleeve info.
 The index page for vinyl is not updated. I work on a new one.

Last released QUEEN bootlegs 

Updated bootlegs NEWS December 2019

- Queen II Expanded Collector's Edition  2cd & 1DVD  (Masterworks) Regular album + remix, demos etc...

Updated bootlegs NEWS November 2019

Live In Japan 1985  1cd  (R & B Rec) Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985.
- Queen's last Stand  2cd  (Wardour 386) Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan May 15th, 1985.
- Saarbrucken Festival 1979  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Ludwigsparkstadion, Saarbrucken, Germany 18th August 1979.
-QAL Columbus 2019  2cdr  (Power Shine 290) Columbus, OH, USA, August 13th. 2019.
-QAL Washington 2019  2cdr  (Power Shine 287) Live at Capitol One Arena, Washington, DC, USA 30th July 2019.
-QAL Mansfield 2019  2cdr  (Power Shine 289) Live at Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA, USA 4th August 2019.
-QAL Global Citizen Festival  1cdr & 1DVDR (Power Shine 297) Live New York, USA  September 28th 2019.
- QAL Global Citizen Festival  1cd  (Diamond Rec) Live New York, USA  September 28th 2019.
- Queen I  Expanded Collector's Edition  2cd & 1DVD (Masterworks) Regular album + demos etc....
- Brian May Nottingham 1998  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK 24th October 1998.
- Philadelphia 1982  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA 24th July 1982.
- Rock For Kampuchea  2cd & 2DVD  (Regina Immaculata Prod) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London UK December 26th. 1979.
- Flash Alive  2cd
r  (Shelter) Wembley Arena, London  England  December 8th. 1980.
- Santa Monica Civic Center  2cdr  (NSU 2059/60) Live in Santa Monica, California USA March 11th. 1976.
- Wembley 1978 Final Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK 13th May 1978.

Updated bootlegs NEWS October 2019
- Rock In Rio  1cd  Live Rio De Janeiro, Brazil January 1985. Will be released in December.

- Rock Box  3cd   Various  live.
- Hot Space The Spectrum  2cdr  (Breakdown 770) Live At The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA July 24th 1982.
- The Works Tour '84  2cdr  (WR 1211) Live at Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa, October 19th, 1984.
- Santa Monica 1976 3rd Night  2cd  (Wardour 380)  Live in Santa Monica, California USA March 11th. 1976.
- A Night In Santa Monica  2cdr  (Breakdown 768) Live in Santa Monica, California USA March 11th. 1976.

- Captured Live  1lp
same as "Live at Estadio Jose 1981" bootleg.
- It's Only Rock'n Roll  1lp 
Various studio albums. Copy of "Ultra rare Trax Vol III".
- The Strange World  1lp 
Japan 76. Copy of "Honcho Dori All Night Long".
- How Many More Times  2lp Live Osaka, Japan October 24th. 1982. Copy of "Get Down" 2lp bootleg.
- Uris Theater NY 74  1lp Uris Theater, New York, USA  May 7th. 1974.
- Live In Sendai Japan 76  1lp Live Sendai, Japan April 2nd. 1976.

- I Want To Break Free  1lp  Pic Disc

Updated bootlegs NEWS September 2019

- Live In Budapest  1lp  (no label) Live Budapest 86.
- Queen  1lp  (Audrey AR 057) Hexagonal shaped cover. Colored Vinyl and Numbered Limited edition of 200.
- Sun City '84  2cd  Live in Sun City October 19th 1984.
- Live In Sao Paulo 1981  2cd  Live in Sao Paulo, Brazil March 20th 81.
- Live In Paris & Tokyo '79  2cd  Live in Paris & Tokyo 79.
- Rockin' Brazil  2cd  (SPV) Live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 20th. 1981.
- Leiden 1986 1st Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live Leiden, Holland June 11th. 1986.
- Mannheim 1986  2cd  (Zip city) Live Mannheim, Germany  June 21st. 1986. Radio FM.
Køln 1974  1cd  (Wardour 368) Live at Sartory Hall, Køln (Cologne), Germany on December 6th. 1974.
- Complete Kobe 1975  2cd  (Wardour 367) Live at International Hall, Kobe, Japan on April 23rd
. 1975.
- London Battle  1lp  Live at Rainbow Theatre, London  March 31st. 1974.
- BBC Session Experience  1lp  Live at Golders Green, London  September 13th. 1973.
- Redlight Blues  1lp  BBC Session July 73 & April 74.
The Cult Dimension  1lp  BBC Session October 74 & October 77.

Updated bootlegs NEWS August 2019


- QAL Mansfield 2019  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1093) Live at Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA, USA 4th August 2019.
- QAL Washington 2019  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1092) Live at Capitol One Arena, Washington, DC, USA 30th July 2019.
- Madrid 1986  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1096) Live Madrid, Spain  August 3rd. 1986.
- QAL Columbus 2019  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1094) Columbus, OH, USA, August 13th. 2019.
- Definitive Sao Paulo 1981  2cd  (Wardour 366) Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 20th. 1981.
- Paris 1979  1cd & 1DVD  (Wardour 365) Paris, France, Feb. 28th & March 1st. 1979.
- Buenos Aires 1981 AM Radio Broadcast  2cdr  (Uxbridge 1088) Live Sao Paulo, Brazil, Feb. 28th 1981.
- News Of The World In Concert  2cd  (Coda Publishing) Huston, USA, December 11th. 1977.
-QAL The Rhapsody Tour 2019 Toronto + Washington D.C.  4cdr  (Breakdown 767) Live Toronto & Washington D.C. July 2019.
- Lazing On A Sunday Evening  1cdr  (not on label) Live in Tokyo, Japan, April 4th 1976.
- Up Field Tapes - Makomanai Ice Arena  4cdr  (ST 19022) Sapporo, Japan, May 1979.
- I'm In Love With My Car  7 Inch single  (Rockwell Publishing) 4 tracks. Live Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1981.

Updated bootlegs
NEWS July 2019

- Oxford 1973  1cd  (Wardour 358) Live at New Theatre, Oxford, UK  November 20th 1973.
- Bristol 1973  1cd  (Wardour 359) Live at Colston Hall, Bristol, UK  November 29th 1973.
- The Works Down Under  2lp Live in Melbourne, Australia  April 19th 1985.
- QAL Live In San Jose 2019  2cdr  (Breakdown) Live in San Jose, CA, USA  July 14th 2019.
- Definitive Essen 1980  2cd  (Wardour 354) Live in Essen, Germany 1980.
- Mannheim 1986  2cd  (Wardour 353) Live in Mannheim, Germany 1986.
- Brussels 1982 2nd Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live in Brussels, Belgium 1982.
- Zurich 1980  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live in Zurich 1980.

Updated bootlegs
NEWS June 2019

- News Of The World Tour  2cd  (Diamond Records) Houston, USA  December 11th. 1977.

- Paris 1984  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Paris, France  September 18th. 1984.
- Budokan 1985 1st Night  2cd  (Wardour 348) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan  May 8th. 1985.
- Live In Budapest 1986  2lp  (Verne Records) Live in Budapest 1986.
- The Miracle 30th Anniversary Edition  3cd & 1DVD  (Wardour 347) Demos & Rough Mixes, Non-Album Tracks, Alternate Versions, etc.
- Rare Live Expanded Collector's Edition  2cd + 1DVD  (Masterworks) Various live.

Updated bootlegs NEWS May 2019

- Live At Eastadio Jose 1981  1lp  (Supernaut) Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina  February 28th. 1981.
- You Made Us We Could Fly  1lp  (Roxborough 024) Live in Rio De Janeiro, Jan. 1985.
- Live In Mannheim  2cd  (Diamond Rec) Live Mannheim '86, + Live Aid '85.
- Pop Spectacular  1cd  (Wardour 340) Live Golders Green, London 1973 & Live Liverpool 1973.
- The last Time Live In Japan 1985  2cd & 2DVD  (Impromptu Records)  Live Japan, May 11th 1985.

Updated bootlegs NEWS April 2019

- Another Party Is Over  1lp  (ROXMB037) Live Houston, TX, USA December 11th. 1977.
- A Picnic By The Serpentine  2cd & 2dvd  (Masterworks) Live Hyde Park, London, UK  September 18th. 1976.
- Milwaukee 1975  1cd  (Wardour 339) Live at Uptown Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA 7th March 1975.
- Kobe 1975 Alternative Master  2cd  (Wardour 338) Live at the International Hall, Kobe, Japan 23rd April 1975.
- Multitrack Masters  6cd  (Universal) Studio mixes etc.
- Our Gracious Queen  1lp  (Coda) Live form 77 - 85.
- Under Pressure In America  1lp  (Coda) Live Houston '77 & US TV '82, 2 live songs.
- Works In Milan  2lp  (Casino Rec) Live Milan, Italy  September 15th. 1984.
- Rock In Rio  1lp  (RIR85) Live Rio, Brazil  January 1985.
- South America Bites The Dust  2lp  (SABD 81) Buenos Aires, Argentina  February 28th. 1981.
- Honcho Dori All Night Long  1lp  (TMOQ) Live Yokohama, Japan  April 30th. 1975.
- Portland Steamer '74  1lp  (TMOQ) Live Portland, USA April 28th. 1974.
- The Multitracks Mixes Collection  6cd  (RIP 01) Various studio work.
- Montreal 1981  2cdr  (not on label) Montreal, Canada  November 1981.
- A Night At The Metropolis  8cd box  (Empress Valley)  4 concert in Tokyo 1976.
- Geisha Boys  9cd box  (Empress Valley)  4 concert in Tokyo 1976.
- Budokan 1979 5th Night  (uncirculated master)  2cdr  (no label) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan April 25th. 1979.
- Queen's Last Stand 1985  2cdr  (no label) Osaka, Japan  May 15th. 1985.
- Berlin 1978  2cd  (Wardour 337) Live at Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany on April 28th, 1978.
- Definitive Budokan 1981 4th, Night  2cd  (Wardour 336) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on February 17th, 1981.
- Happy And Glorious  2cd  (Anglo Atlantic) Tokyo Japan, May 11th. 1985.
- Tear It Up In Tokyo  1lp  (Anglo Atlantic) Tokyo Japan, May 11th. 1985.
- Tsumagoi 1975  2cd  (Wardour 335) Live at Exhibition Hall, Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi, Kakegawa, Japan 29th April 1975.
- Definitive Budokan 1979 5th. Night  2cd & 1dvd  (Wardour 334) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan  April 25th, 1979.

Updated bootlegs NEWS March 2019


- Milton Keynes 1982  'Collectors Edition'  2cdr  (Uxbridge 997) Live Milton Keynes 1982.
- Houston We Have No Problem  1lp  (Coda) Live Houston, Texas USA  December 11th. 1977.
- Seibu Stadium 1982  1cdr  (Not on label) Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 3rd November 1982.
- The Vaults Demos And Rare Stuff 1971-1991  4cd Long Box  (Magicland Rec) Various rare recordings, demos etc.
- Definitive Budokan 1976  2nd Night  2cd  (Wardour 331) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 31st March 1976.
- Nagoya 1979  2cd  (Wardour 332) Live at International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 28th April 1979.
- Phoenix 1980  1cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Compton Terrace, Phoenix, AZ, USA 6th July 1980.
- Jubilee Nights At The Court  2cd 2dvd  (Masterworks 1902) Live at Earls Court, London, U.K. June 6 & 7 1977.
- Definitive Seibu Stadium 1982  2cd  (Wardour 330) Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 3rd November 1982.
- Wembley Arena 1984 Final Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 8th September 1984.
- Kanazawa 1979  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Jissen Rinri Kinenkan, Kanazawa, Japan 21st April 1979.
- Kobe 1979  3cd  (Wardour 327) Live at Kobe Central Gymnasium, Kobe, Japan 27th April 1979.
- Rock The Summit  2cd 2dvd  (MW 77) Live Houston, Texas USA  December 11th. 1977.
- Happy And Glorious  1lp  (Anglo - Coda) Tokyo, Japan  May 11th 1985.
- Crazy Little Things  1lp  (Anglo - Coda) Buenos Aires 28th February 1981.
- Now We're Here  1lp  (Coda) Buenos Aires 28th February 1981.
- Killer Queens  1lp  (Coda) Buenos Aires 28th February 1981.
- Lyon 1979  2cd  (Wardour 326) Palais des Sports, Lyon, France 17th February 1979.
-Dundee 1975  2cdr  (Uxbridge 981) Live at Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland 13th December 1975.
- Un Autre Monde  2cd  (Shakuntala 179/ 180) Hot Space, The Miracle & Innuendo demos etc.

Updated bootlegs NEWS February 2019


- Definitive Final Concert In Tokyo (2nd. edition)  2cd 1dvd  (Wardour 324) Live in Tokyo May 11th. 1985.
- Definitive Vancouver 1978  2cd  (Wardour 323) Live at PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada 14th December 1978.
- Playing The Game  1lp  (Coda) Buenos Aires, Argentina,  February 28th. 1981.
- Radio Ga Ga In Tokyo  1lp  (Coda) Tokyo, Japan,  May 11th. 1985.
- Yamaguchi 1979  2cd  (Wardour 325) Live at Yamaguchi Prefectural Gymnasium, Yamaguchi, Japan 2nd May 1979.
- Up Field Tapes Budokan Vol. 2  4cdr  (STCD 19020) Live Tokyo April 24th & 25th 1979. 
- Up Field Tapes Budokan Vol. 1  4cdr  (STCD 19020) Live Tokyo April 14th & 23th 1979. 
- Live At Wembley Arena 1984  2cd  (Shakuntala 177/ 178) Live London, September 4th. 1984.
- Definitive Seattle 1977  2cd  (Wardour 322) Live Seattle Arena, USA  March 14th. 1977.
- New London Theatre  1cd  (Wardour 321) London, England, October 6th. 1977.
- Wembley Stadium 1986  1cdr  (no label) Live at Wembley Stadium 1986. Radio Broadcast.
- Definitive Knebworth 1986  2cd  (Wardour 320) Knebwort Park, Stevenage, England  August 9th. 1986.
- Definitive Boston 2nd Night  2cd  (Wardour 317) Live Boston Music Hall, Boston, USA  January 30th. 1976.
- Procession 1973  2cdr  (Eye Of The Storm) Golders Green Hippodrome, London, England  September 13th. 1973.
- Huston News  2cdr  (Eye Of The Storm) Live in Houston, USA  December 11th. 1977.
- Back To The Opera 2cdr  (Eye Of Storm) Live Boston Music Hall, USA  January 30th. 1976.
The Last Live In Japan 1985  2cd 2dvd  (Masterworks) Live in Tokyo May 11th. 1985.
- The Game Tour 1981  1lp  (Coda Rec) Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina  Feb 28th. 1981. Clear vinyl.
- Heaven For Everyone  2cd  (Moonchild) Live in Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa  October 19th. 1984.
- Boston Crazy Night  2cd  (Moonchild)  Live in Boston, USA  January 30th. 1976.
- Last Night In Japan  2cd  (Moonchild) Live in Tokyo May 11th. 1985.
- Last Stand In Japan 1985  2cd  (Shakuntala) Live in Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan May 15, 1985.
- Budokan 1981 3rd Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th February 1981.
- Vienna 1978  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 2nd May 1978.
- Definitive Milwaukee  2cd  (Wardour 318)
Live at Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USA 10th September 1980.
- In The Court Of Crimson Queen  2cd  (Moonchild Rec.) Earls Court, London UK  June 6th. 1977.

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