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QUEEN + Adam Lambert released officially in JAPAN ONLY on Dec. 20th. 2016, a special limited edition multi-format release
from the concert at Marine Stadium, Chiba; Japan 17th August 2014.

Release formats:

DVD /Blu-ray / DVD+Live CD / Blu-ray+Live CD / DVD or Blu-ray, Live CD +T-shirt / Super Deluxe Box set (including DVD or Blu-ray, Live CD, 2LP, T-shirt, Tote Bag+Photo Book)

Last released QUEEN bootlegs 

Happy New Year to you ALL.
 In the first weeks of 2019 has a handful of pro-Queen bootlegs been born.
 After the movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody', a lot of pro-bootlegs have seen daylight. I've listed those cd's & cdr's I know about.
A handful of dvd(r) bootlegs of the Live Aid 85 show has seen daylights too. I'll see if I got time to collected them
on this page to. But it's officially released on DVD & Blu-ray, as bonus on 'Rock Montreal' release.
Audio is also on the new CD release of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' film, but sadly not complete.

Updated bootlegs NEWS January 2019


- Young Nobles Of Rock  2cd  (Tarantura re-release) live Tokyo, Japan May 1st. 1975.
- Definitive Osaka 1979  4cd  (Wardour 315) Live Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, April 19th & 20th 1979.
- Definitive Budokan 1981 2nd Night  2cd (Wardour 314)  Live Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, February 13th, 1981.
- Definitive Chicago 1980  2cd  (Wardour 313) Live Horizon, Chicago, IL, USA  September 19th, 1980.
- Definitive Chicago 1978  2cd  (Wardour 312) Live Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL, USA  December 7th, 1978.
- Giboushi  2cd  (Shakuntala STCD 171/172) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan  April 13th. 1979.
- Two Nights Of Magic  4cdr  (Breakdown 747) Live Groenoordhalle, Leiden, The Netherlands June 11th & 12th 1986.
- Rock Budokan II 1981  2cd  (Shakuntala STCD 169/170) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan  February 13th. 1981.

Updated bootlegs NEWS December 2018

- A Night At Budokan 1976  2cd  (Shakuntala STCD 165/166)  Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo  March 31st. 1976.
- The Reaction & The Opposition  1cd  (Wardour 299) Collection of Roger Taylor & John Deacon pre-Queen work.
- Dera Psycho  2cd  (Shakuntala STCD 167/168) Nagoya, Japan  Oct. 26th. 1982.
- Definitive Kobe 1975  1cd  (Wardour 311) Kobe, Japan Japan 23rd April 1975.
- Definitive Sun City 1984  2cd  (Wardour 306) South Africa 19th October 1984. Stereo SBD (upgrade).
- Newcastle 1979 2nd. Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Newcastle, England  Dec. 4ht. 1979.
- Definitive Osaka 1976  4cd  (Wardour 309) Live Osaka, Japan  March 29th. 1976 (2 shows).
- Milton Keynes 1982  2cdr  (not on label) Milton Keynes, UK June 5th. 1982. Audience rec.
- The Best Of The Magic  2cd  (Moonchild Rec.) Live Mannheim, Germany June 21st. 1986,
- Hammersmith Odeon 1979  2cd  (Wardour 307) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London UK December 26th. 1979.
- Rare Live 1977 US Tour  2cdr  (Breakdown 746) Live in Maryland, USA  February 4th 1977.
Wembley Arena 1st. Night  2cd  (Wardour 308) Live Wembley Arena, London England, December 8th. 1980.
- Definitive Nagoya 1982  2cd  (Wardour 305) Live at International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 26th October 1982.
- White Christmas  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 22nd December 1977.
- Munich 1982 1st Night  2cdr  (Uxbridge) Munich, Germany May 21st. 1982.
-Definitive Portland 1974  1cd  (Wardour 304) Portland, USA April 28th. 1974.
- Live Aid  1cdr  (AMB 016)  Wembley 1985.

- Sekarashika  2cd  (Shakuntala 162/163) Live Fukuoka, Japan  October 19th. 1982.
- The Queen Special  1cdr & 1dvdr  (Uxbridge 935) INFO later.
- Queen Live Box  4cd titles.  Various live from 77 to 85. Pro-recording.

- Live Aid  1cd  (Wardour 303) Wembley Stadium, London England  July 13th. 1985.
- Definitive Osaka 1985  2cd  (Wardour 302) Osaka May 15th. 1985.
-Definitive Nagoya 1985  2cd  (Wardour 301) Nagoya 1985.
-Definitive Budokan 1985 2nd. Night  2cd  (Wardour (300) Tokyo May 9th. 1985.
-Complete 2 Nights In Birmingham 1984  4cdr  (Beatfile 744) Birmingham, UK 1984.

Updated bootlegs November 2018

- Complete Edinburgh 1982  4cdr  (Uxbridge 912) Edinburgh, Scotland June 1st. & 2nd. 1982.
- Live Works In Paris 1984  2cdr (Breakdown 742) Live in Paris, France, September 18th. 1984.
- Live Aid  1cd  (un sure label)  Wembley Stadium, London England, July 13th. 1985.
- Knebworth 1986 
1cdr  (WR 1123) Live 1986.
- Yoyogi 1985 
2cdr  (not on label) Tokyo May 11th. 1985 (audience rec).

Updated bootlegs October 2018

- News Of The World In Concert  1lp  (Coda) Live Houston, USA Dec. 11th. 1977.
- Greatest Hits In Concert 
1lp  (Coda) Live at Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan May 11th. 1985.
- Death On Two Legs 
1lp  (Roxborough) Live at The Summit, Huston TX Dec. 11th. 1977.

Updated bootlegs September 2018

- Live At L.A. Forum 1977  1cdr  (Breakdown) Live at The Forum, Los Angeles USA March 77.
- Live At Hyde Park  1cdr  (MFT 18013) Live Hyde Park, London UK Sept. 18th. 1976.
- Live Aid  1cdr  (MFT 18012)  Live at Wembley Stadium, London UK  July 13th. 1985.

Updated bootlegs July/ August 2018

- QAL  The Monster - Live In Poland  2cdr, 2dvdr, 2BlurayR  (WM prod)  Live in Poland Nov. 6th. 2017.
- Freddie Mercury  Isolated Vocal Tracks  1cdr  (WR 801)  Isolated vocal tracks.
- Freddie Mercury Piano Works  1cdr  (WR 1084) Isolated piano tracks.
- Hamburg 1982  2cdr  (Uxbridge 801)  Hamburg, Germany  May 16th. 1982.

- Kassel 1982  2cdr  (Uxbridge 797) Kassel, Germany  May 18th. 1982.
- Definitive Final Concert In Tokyo  2cd  Tokyo, Japan  ay 11th. 1985.
- QAL  London 2018  1st Night  2cdr (Power Shine) Live O2 Arena, London UK, July 2nd. 2018.
- QAL  London 2018 2nd Night  2cdr (Power Shine) Live O2 Arena, London UK, July 4th. 2018.
- QAL  London O2 Arena 2018 2nd Night  2cdr (Uxbridge 873) Live O2 Arena, London UK, July 4th. 2018.
Definitive Hyde Park 1976
2cd + DVD (Wardour 288) Live in Hyde Park, London UK, September 18th. 1976.
-Magic In Spain 
r  (I just found info on this 2cdr which was released for some years ago).

Updated bootlegs June 2018

- QAL Berlin 2018 2cdr+1dvdr (Uxbridge 854) Live at Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany 19th June 2018  
- Live In Japan 
4cdr  (Red Special)  Live Seibu Lions Stadium, Tokorozawa, Japan Nov. 3rd. '82
- Demos Space 
1cdr  Demos & out-takes 82-91.
- Invite You To A Night At The Budokan 
1cd  (no label) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo '76.
- The Royal American Tour 1975 
1cd  (no label) Santa Monica, Calif., USA March '75.
- Live At Wembley Arena 1978
 2cdr (Breakdown) Live Wembley Arena, London May 12th. '78.

Updated bootlegs May 2018

- Sao Paulo 
1lp  (Roxborough) Sao Paulo, Brazil March 20th. 1981.

Updated bootlegs April 2018

- Final Entertainer 2cd  (Golden Egg) Live Chicago, USA 1980
- We Will Rock You 
1lp pic disc Live Vancouver, Canada Dec. 14th. 1978
- We Will Rock Buenos Aires 
1lp (Coda) Live Buenos Aires 81 (pt2)
- Nothing Really Matters 
1lp (Coda) Live Buenos Aires 81 (pt1)
- Nothing Really Matters 
3cd  (Coda) Live Buenos Aires 81 & Tokyo May 85
- Chicago Stadium 1978 
3lp  (TBP 72-74) Live Chicago Stadium, USA Dec. 7th. 1978

Updated bootlegs March 2018

-  QAL  Rocks Down Under 2018 
2cdr  (Breakdown 772)  Live at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Australia March 3rd 2018

Updated bootlegs February 2018

- Leiden 1984  2cdr 
(Uxbridge 782)  Live in Leiden, Holland  September 20th. 1984.
-Wurzburg 1982  2cdr
 (Uxbridge 781) Live in Wurzburg, Germany  May 9th. 1982.

Updated bootlegs January 201

- Rock The Summit  2cd & 2dvd  (Master Works) Live in Houston  U.S.A. Dec. 11th. 1977.
- Budokan 1979 First Night  2cd  (Wardour 265) Live Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan April 13th. 1979.
- The Last Magic In Sweden  2cd  (Tarantura)  Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm  Sweden  June 7th. 1986.

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